WTS the best of the best . The Imp!

Hit me up with offers !


Thanks for the offer . But i expect way higher . Last bid i received on it was 500 B a few years ago .

what’s u price now ?

650 B

imp bpc?

Ship itself

It’s a pity,If it’s bpc, I’m willing to pay 800b

Bump …



500b for imp

Thanks for the offer.

Bump !

Bump !

Bump !

Hate to break ti to you, but at ship prices dropped when they started getting re-released, imp at 500b is going to be a hard sell. Ones been trying to be sold for the last year at 500b and it’s still available.

show me please .

eve related discords, theres a lot of at ships being traded around somewhat often that aren’t on the forums, as they are more active.

well hit me up with his discord .