New AT Ships

When will they be released?

Are the stats/slot layouts released for these two ships yet?


It is my understanding that the ships have been awarded in a previous tournament (in fact, all AT ships going forward will be previously awarded ships). So, all the details of them should already be available.

I don’t know when AT ships get awarded, although I’m sure some will pop up for sale. There are also apparently discords and chat channels for people with real money, where such stuff gets advertised. But I don’t keep up with that sort of thing. So, you’ll have to ask around for names/passwords/invite links. I’ve also seen AT ships posted in contracts and in the market sections of the forums before. So, you should probably keep an eye on those places.

Also, I don’t know if you’re new or not, and I don’t mean to be insulting, but you’re going to need some serious cash if you hope to buy one. I assume the fact that CCP is now recycling prize ships will help prices somewhat, but I still don’t expect them to be affordable to the average player.

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CCP is releasing new ships as a reward for this year’s AT

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Yup the AT Orthrus and Garmur, super excited.

Yes, ships and items for cash is a ban-able offense. I expect these new AT ship to be around 150-200billion each. We will see.

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Considering there’s more than in previous years, with confirmation they are not permanently limited run(just will take ten years to cycle through to again), I actually expect them to be a bit lower than that @Zane_Skor . With IIRC 140 of each, without them being truly irreplaceable now, that will affect how people value them

this year was the last set of new ones

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I sometimes say “cash” or “money” instead of “isk.” I was in no way suggesting that anyone should engage in RMT, and am, in fact, vehemently opposed to the practice.

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