Alliance Tournament Ship Prizes & Suggestions

Hi all,

Just some feedback/thoughts for future AT’s. I know a lot of comments were had around wanting to bring back old ship hulls and reinvent the wheel on old prize ships. But if we could have some better bonuses or something to really strive for as if CCP keeps just giving back similar ship hulls it provides no real fun/bonus for competing in the AT. I’d love to see some better ships/tiers/classes then us just getting a similar bonused mimir/adrestia from years prior. It just seems you all are out of touch with the game and players that have won previous ships.

I guess the thought is why are you devaluing peoples ships that they won from years prior by simply not wanting to be creative/implement new ideas.

Just my two cents.



Something I could get behind would be station skins.

Advance from feeders get your choice of medium permanent skin, still having to be applied with evermarks,

Advance to semifinals and receive a large structure skin

Advance to finals receive a xl skin

Win and get them all, and would be AT themed.

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