AT ship prices

so now that AT ships are not being given out, how high will the prices go?

The sky is the limit.

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inb4 CCP hands out one of each to every account in EVE regardless of clone state :smiling_imp:

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If the character on each account you log the most active time on is capable of flying it :explodyparrot:

No they won’t do handouts any more… They’ll end up in some $500 AT Pack that will perpetually be on sale for $250. Stuff those wallets while you still can.

You keep giving them ideas… :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t refuse a commission.

A free pod skin* after each sale sounds reasonable. :wink:

(*That everyone got for free anyway even alphas. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m not sure why pricing would exploded. Each AT ship has its own bonuses with each being unique. If people didn’t like one ship I dunno why they will suddenly want it. Some of real popular ones like the etana was due to its AT use.

I wonder if the real question should be, what are the odds that if you exoplanetiers get to level 1000 you’ll be able to pick a classy AT frig?

Prices exploded because ccp announced that there’s no AT ships being given out this year, and possibly no more alliance tournaments after this year.

I also believe everything CCP says.

You should write a book. “Insights by Cody”

I can’t compete with Comey.

If you have one of the ones that no one wanted before this announcement, then cash in if you can I guess. People might as well buy others first place tourney medals since there are no more of those coming as well.

Adding on: what exactly are the new exploded ship prices? I haven’t seen any actual asks or trades as of yet.

Well, i can’t give exact prices but prior to this people were selling Imps at 145 billion and now i see people willing to buy at 150 billion. It’s been only a day or so since the announcement and prices are already going up.

I’m not sure how many Imps were actually given out, but consider this- 9 have been lost since introduction. 2 of those… are embarrassing losses to NPCs.

But the important question is: How many of those were reimbursed? :smirk:

Too many.

I am feeling so filthy rich now

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