AT ship NEX price, speculation

Despite CCP suggesting that AT ships will probably not appear on nex store. How much do you think a single run ship bpc would cost in $'s if Pearl does do the logical thing and sell them?

Less than your medication

It appears he’s off his meds.

5000 plex.

Solonius never even bothered to pick up his meds.

I’d expect $50 to $100 per bpc. This is something that could be monetised without tilting the sandbox.

Why so little when they’re selling for closer to $1,500 in isk now?

I can see Raven state issue for £500 appearing on the NEX store soon.

Any ship that gets put in the NES becomes a glorified marshall… they’ll also end up on steam for 50% off… have fun with that.

Exactly, Anything more than $50 is a rip off for AT ship. It is only a matter of time.

I doubt they touch AT ships though… put them in the nes and they’ll lose their allure. They can design and put any ship in the nes and the retards will flock to them only to find them on sale for half off the next week.

Those are such a niche market, that would be very far down the line if ever. Much bigger fish to fry like the generated pre-skilled characters that I’m thinking they are going to release.

You think CCP got to a $425 million valuation with ship skins? Nope, the bread and butter has always been skill trading.

I’d be more surprised if the new overlords don’t have AT ships in NES. Think of how much PLEX people would buy to get their hands on them. think of all the grrrrr goons outrage if they used a portion of their isk printing on roaming chremoas gangs just bc they can.

You dont think CCP would’ve already done it? If it’s quite the money maker you think it is wouldn’t they have wanted to maximize their value while looking for buyers? Why limit yourself to previously given out ships when they could create any wtfpwn ship they wanted to and make it exclusively available in the NES?

An extra $5 mil in revenue a year would’ve tacked on an additional $50 mil to CCPs sale price, so on and so forth.

I’m surprised CCP didn’t. Perhaps they thought they’d get a big revolt? Perhaps it was an aspect used in the sales pitch. Of course you could also ask why didn’t CCP start skill trading years before as you just stated yourself is the real money maker. Surely they could of made a connection between people wanting to buy sp with the volume in the character bazaar.

I’d be more than happy to watch people drop a couple hundred on an AT ship in the NES and then watch that same AT ship be thrown in as an extra in the next omgwtfpwn super duper platinum kiss my ass meteor pack.

Why not add in T2 BPO’s onto the NES market instead?

T2 bpos should be more scarce than your brain cells… that’d leave like one in the game.