AT ship NEX price, speculation

If everyone had AT ships and t2 bpos, would you still want them? Prices on t2 modules would be so depressed, there would be no use in owning t2 bpos. Half of them aren’t worth building from now. I’ve never seen a more short sighted player base… youd think most of them were millennials.

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where are these suggestions by ccp and any info on ships being sold on nex?

You can RMT an AT ship now for atleast 1500$ why make it 50$?

If this ever happens, EVE as we know it is dead.

Lower price but way higher sales volume… NES, the Walmart for AT ships

If only they keep those sales limited by q-ty, otherwise no point to pay +$1k of rm for the ship u never undock. Same of 50 bucks for the named hull like state raven, not worth of zkill link on Reddit.

They’ve already said AT ships wouldn’t be given out again… once they’re gone, they’re gone… if they go back on that, it won’t matter what they promise in the future.

CCP said that, who knows what Korean guys tell us later on. Just sayin.

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I prefer they open up a real money auction house for extremely limited items and took a fee off the top of each item that sold… you could either receive real money or deeply discounted plex/nes items… your choice .

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True but didn’t they say that about the magnates as well? Now they can pass the blame to the new owners. It wasn’t us, your pals at CCP! Honest!!

CCP will remain a separate operation.

Basically what I’m hearing is “Sell us cheap AT ships in the NES because we’re downright terrible at this game.” #pay2win

not really, when you paid almost half a bil for a company, where are still reserves for monetization (earnings), you’d clearly implement those in time being.

You obviously didnt read the article on why they bought CCP. Their company made $170 mil in the first half of 2018…

Gonna see in a perspective what we have in this regard. But it’s obvious NES gonna increase the stock-list.

How many AT ships can they sell for $50 before they lose their luster? They are already having to sell most NES items at 50% off.
The fact that people think they paid $425 million for CCP so they could blow their AT ship wad on a bunch of plebs is hilarious when not even CCP ever put a single ship in the NES… AT or otherwise.
Keep dreaming.

:thinking: The only AT related stuff you’d see would be SKINs. For like 5 plex or something equally cheap because CCP knows that the dirty poors of EVE will never own an AT ship.

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no doubt with that, looks like u didn’t catch what i said about AT ships :sweat_smile:

i do personally have 0 interest with AT ships no matter in what form and conditions they are distributed to the playerbase but i see your worries…

what is the NEX store and where is it?

and what are AT ?

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