PC Cheap(er) AT Ships

Just wondering how much some of the cheaper AT ships move for. Looking through the sell/buys they’re all over the place or locked due to timeouts, so I was just wondering what the active going rates are. I know some of the ‘bad’ ones like the caedes are like, 70b or something.

70 Billion is about as cheap as you’ll find. Most are well over the 100 Billion ISK mark.

Owning an AT ship is easily the only thing keeping me actively playing, and I like the looks of some of the uglier or “unwanted” AT ships like the mimir/freki (especially the freki…that thing makes me moist), so I was just wondering how much longer I had to go for some of them, thanks friendo. I guess i’ll just keep an open eye for offers for some of the unwanted ones.

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