PC: 73mil SP pvp & Orca toon

Looking for some price guides for my toon

4 Racial battleships all with t2 large weapons & Missles
Leshak ready t2
Carrier V & Dread pilot
All relevant jump skills at high levels
All t2 module tank
Orca pilot with good skills & freighter capable
Rorqual capable
Fighters and Bombers

Has over 50 ship skins installed


Just looking at price checks for now, not really entertaining bids or buyouts unless your talking over 100b :stuck_out_tongue:

Going price would be 56-58B for the brain succ.

For you? a highsec miner? 10B

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I am going to avoid the ill pay you injector less extractor prices if i sell it.

The toon needs to be bought by someone who wants to use it, not clear it out for cheap isk.

Especially when there is over 5 billion in ship skins alone.

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