Quote - Low SP orca pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/kanger_nano -0.7 sec status, no kill rights, positive wallet. Miner, Drones. Can Fly an orca mastery 2. Just want a quote for now. Thank you.

I can’t give you a quote, but if you decide to sell I would be interested.

The only reason why I was looking for a quote is because I am not sure how to transfer 100%. I hear its 1000 plex for a transfer? I need more info before I decide to sell.

I believe its 1000 yes, or £16/$20 IIRC

Ok well if I was interested in selling how much would you offer?

I honestly don’t know haha. Never bought a toon, only just started looking for an orca pilot.

TBH I would probably pay the transfer fee using isk from the purchase if that’s even possible. lol. Well think about it, and let me know what you are thinking on a offer if you decide to make one. Thanks for viewing!

Convo me in game, and we can try to work something out.

Would you still be interested?

4 Billion offer.

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