4.5b il

5b online now (starbucks)


not interested in the 5b offer ?

Hey, I really appreciate the offer! I saw a similar pilot get bought out at a certain price point so I have a ballpark buyout in my head. In the meantime I have an active skill queue on this character and hopefully it’ll get close to that value.


6, because thukker reputation

I’m using that as a reference point, I don’t think I’m gonna get that buyout but if I can get a reasonable offer around there where I can be happy about I’d sell right away.

Help a returning bro out guys!

I dont thnk you canb sell at that price.

Reasons :slight_smile:

  1. Not reputable buyer
  2. Dont look as the operation was completed
  3. we dont know how many points the pilot have then
  4. now 13m skill points and you are many less
  5. SOLD WTS Orca with implant Booster,any Freighter, 6m points i was the seller

I can offer 6.9 now, is all i can offer, and that is because i can use now the thukker reputarion

I understand I’m not getting close to that, I love your persistence man! If you can just round it to 7, I can live with that price.

Okey, i enter ina minute to send the isk and the account name.

I can start the transfer once I get home, it’ll be in about 4 hours. Thank you sir!

Isk and acc name delivered.

Transfer initiated.


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