SOLD WTS Orca with implant Booster,any Freighter, 6m points

I have this pilot for sale

As you can see he is orca with the implant, and can learn any freighter when you inject the book.

I am outside the city, hearing offers, plan to deliver tomorrow night or saturday. As an habitual you know i am a serious seller but just now i am outside the city.

Is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply, i enter in a minute to confirm

Please answer the thread i am not readng evemail in any of the chars.

i am for sale

3,5B Isk Ready

Can you make an sheet, I’d like to check the training time on a couple ships

only 30 days from sitting in a rorq :thinking:

30 days to get in the hull but months away to fly it decently

only 1245 sp in drones

BUMP today

4b lmk isk ready

i hope get 4.2 and can deliven in a minute without problem, again in my computer.

Deal 4.2 will send isk and acct name

Isk and acct name sent to stokrai

received , i sent in five minutes

transfer sent, you must recive the mail in any moment.

Got it thx

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