Confirming for sale

Daily Bump - :thumbsupparrot:

11b offer…

It still needs all the cap skills, industrial config, jump skills, and panic

Meet me at 12 and call it a sale?

Sorry will hold at 11… goodluck

Alrighty will let it go until the skill queue finishes and if nothing else, its yours

1 day to go until the training queue finishes to sit in the Rorq. ALready got top notch drone skills!

If no other offers come in, I’ll accept @Marie_Sky 's offer tomorrow.

@Marie_Sky What the heck, lets do the deal now. Send isk to Vahl in game and the evemail with account name.

I’ll then open a ticket with CCP

Sorry found a char with more skills cheaper waiting on response.

Thanks anyway and goodluck


My dude, would you take 10b?

I think right now I’d settle for 11b, can hop on and get it going if you want to bump up to that

Damn, I’d have to sell my orca just to make 10b :S Highest I can go I’m afraid but will keep the offer there just in case!

No worries. I’ve set the official buy out to 11b. She finished her training to pilot the rorq, needs to top off a bit more, but won’t take much. Shes now at 12m sp, and ready to go!

10.5 if we can do this today

Thanks for the offer. I think she’s worth st least 11-12b Probably just going to turn her into a farm or polish some more skills with another 30 days

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