WTS Silver Magnate

Located in lowsec.

EvE Mail or post offers in thread.

Still available and reviewing offers.

What price where you thinking?

At this stage i am reviewing offers and am not stating an outright price. Feel free to send me an offer in game.

If you dont wanna be helpful -,-

3,5 ISK - Highes Offer so far

I’ll better that - 35 ISK, that’s 10 times your best offer!

If you dont know what to bid on an AT ship then best you dont bid :slight_smile:

The concept does seem very challenging for some people.

350 ISK, thats 10 times YOUR best offer!

a) Silver Magnate was not an AT ship
b) if the owner refuses to name a starting bid, then im starting at 0

well I start it off with 200b :ok_hand:


Thank you for your sincere offer, not quite what i am after at this stage.

For anyone else who, like Hink Yaken, suffers from a chronic inability to read the OP i am also taking and have received offers in game via eve mail.

As long as you dont update these offers into the thread, i cant know them, so i will still asume 0 ISK as the highest bid.

If you think those where too low, then set a minimum bid.

As you are not satisfied with 200b i am out of the fidding, good luck and fly safe.

Daily Bump.

Still available.

Ridiculous thread.

The unfortunate reality of the internet i am afraid.

you guys clearly haven’t seen this one yet this will change the way you use the word “Ridiculous”

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I don’t understand that thread at all.

Still available.

Available for some unknown price.

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