Sold ty

Located in Highsec System Osmon can be moved for a Fee to any Highsec System

Price: ⋁◬⋀⊽⋁

Offers and AT Trades are as always Welcome even with all the Meme posts that come with it :ok_hand:

Don’t ask me why it looks Gold and not Silver… I assume it is the station light , didn’t wanted to Test undock it to make sure how silver it actually is :stuck_out_tongue:

To the top

You’re trying to flip a silver magnate you bought 5 days ago for 150B+ flip? C’mon dude. You can do better than that.

You got the price wrong but honestly if that was true… no I could not do any better… 250b profit is pretty good. :slight_smile:

So you are technically seen just double wrong and jealous at the same time :heart:

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Hold on too it for some more time… trust me :wink:

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