Aeon Uemon 41b fitted

New Price 41b WTS Aeon Uemon 44b Appraisal Sp2ka7 @ Jita 4-4 split: 10,219,103,364.50 ISK | Janice

to the top once more!

I would like to take all 3 but just hulls if you want mail me price ingame

mail sent.

troll, sale is continuing as normal

Yeah right if you try to sell supers more than public contrac no 1 will buy it - you say war is over and now people will buy more supers yeah right - thats why you selling haha

Don’t get mad if i refused to buy your over priced supers

I said I wont sell a rigged super for the 22b you were offering.

It was not 22 bil it was 23 bil for hel- again dont lie if i refused to buy your over priced supers

to the top,once more!

to the top!

top top top!

top top top

To the top! New price 41b



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