WTS Aeon fully fitted

Aeon fully fitted, logged off in deep safe in 0.4 system Aunenen.

Third party ’ Imiarr Timshae’ will be used, check out their services page for info.

I have been contracted to act as third party in this sale.

Seller or Buyer is welcome to insist on a POS for the transfer if they want :slight_smile:

Terms can be negotiated further between myself, the Seller and the Buyer to protect all parties.

k guys to allieviate some concerns sale will be completed inside a POS which will be provided.

send any messages in game.


This is just for the ship gents, pilot not included… cheers o7

Aeon | puddled jumper | Killmail | zKillboard Rip

yep, wont be sell that then :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you not put it in a pos?

this sale sounds too much like a scam.

why dont you guys just dock the super at a keepstar and use contract to complete the trade? no middle man needed that way… and no risk taking at all. everything done legitly while staying dock.

Its dead my guy.

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