WTS Aeon in nullsec

Price: 57B

It is located in the magical G-M4GK in Paragon Soul. It was last logged off in 2015, I can’t remember if it’s on a safe spot, or if it was near a POS.

Travel fit:
Prototype cloaking device I
3x Capital trimark II
4x Cap recharger II
5x Capacitor power relay II
3x Inertial stabilizer II
1x Mobile depot
103958x helium isotopes

The pilot toon is an alpha now, I can only sign in, and get out from the ship for you, I won’t be able to jump anywhere.

good one :slight_smile: those days are gone :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that?

Let’s chat, convo me

Still available for sale. 55B now.

Still up for sale, even with the pilot. Aeon only: 55B, Aeon + pilot: 96B including the transfer. Send me a mail if you are interested.

Unallocated SP 48,589 Skillpoints
Allocated SP 38,155,028 Skillpoints

  • Gunnery 1,355,511
  • Missiles 0
  • Spaceship Command 9,953,568
  • Fleet Support 256,000
  • Corporation Management 0
  • Production 0
  • Rigging 226,275
  • Science 256,000
  • Electronic Systems 3,465,849
  • Drones 7,408,426
  • Trade 0
  • Navigation 4,970,289
  • Social 0
  • Shields 0
  • Armor 4,398,588
  • Targeting 768,000
  • Engineering 3,239,324
  • Scanning 950,354
  • Resource Processing 1,415
  • Neural Enhancement 769,664
  • Subsystems 0
  • Planet Management 0
  • Structure Management 135,765

Still for sale. Price is lowered to 50B if we do this on my terms. You pay up front, then I log in and eject. I can’t move it unfortunately.



No sir, just my way back to the game. I don’t want to pay real money for subscribing so I’m just selling assets. I’m also fine with a 3rd party that can be trusted, but the fee is on the buyer.

sadly, i think all the 3rd parties have retired.

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Yes. Wish I could move it to a keepstar, but I can’t :confused:

@Imiarr_Timshae is a trusted 3rd party still in game

Also, you cannot sell a character and assets together, plus you’d pay real money to transfer a character

Yes I figured that part out, but it’s fine to sell them separately. Thanks for the 3rd party, I will check him out.

Still waiting for the new owner.

A: can you provide a way to chat that is not forums
B: your prices are way too high for this kind of deal
C: I am still somewhat interested.

@Kyana_Estidal hit me up on discord: tklhun#0639

Still for sale, 50B.

Imiarr Timshae can act as a 3rd party during the sale. 50B still. The toon is omega for 5 days, i can jump out from the system I’m in.

Nobody trusts 3rd party this days … KB is ready