WTS Erebus

Erebus available for sale in losec. Fit also available if desired. Please post or evemail with offer; want to sell within 48 hours.

60b bid for hull

Pulled offer seller is to cooked to tell me where the titan even is to begin with… gl on the sale

TY for offer. Believe its worth more than that given current mineral costs.

Legit Salesgirl is hilarious.

Wants to know exact location details because Essence region in a lowsec station wasnt good enough, but was deeply offended by my response asking for a price range (and no, 250 bill is not a legit offer).

No problem - go talk to mom and tell her you wont need her credit card after all.

Dude I told u before and I say it again this is not 2005. Nobody cares about where ur titan is docked if u want a sale within “48” hours as u say give us all the ■■■■■■■ details or leave… don’t expect anyone to throw u an offer without even knowing where the ■■■■ it is or if its docked or afk on a ■■■■■■■ safepsot. Yikes why do so many people never understand that… DETAILS matter… include a evepraisal… location or leave the post up for the next 3 months. :rofl:

Ring in the new year.

I am certainly enjoying the drama.

Legit Salesgirl seems upset - “how dare someone not do a sale exactly the way I want”

No worries, mate…you’ll learn more about how the world works once you get into secondary school.

And you will learn how forum works when ur 48h sale turned out to be 3 months.

Can’t wait to see this bumped everyday I login. Good luck… :blush:

With love ur first school Kiddy who knows how to sell stuff :heart:

Elite tips from lowball master xd

… it’s… “lowball QUEEEN” QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!

Happy new Year :heart:

So how much for this erectus… I mean erebus?

Or it is another detail which is a secret?

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