POST CLOSED - thanks for all the interest

Ended - thank-you for all the interest.

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bump + ingame offer of 456b value

bump up :slight_smile:

bump up …

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bump - the offers I have had so far have been “wait a couple weeks” or trades for X or Y. I appreciate the offers but really I am looking for either 450b straight isk or something I can sell pretty readily for 450b for example LSI or extractors sort of thing.

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Don’t worry you’ll be waiting a couple of weeks to sell this anyway so those totally real offers for 450b isk will be ready by then!

Thanks. Bump it up :slight_smile:

bump up.

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BUMP - I am in the market for some other AT ships, LSI and extractors.

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Bump-th up-th

I do need a large number of extractors and would be open to an offer in solely extractors or extractors + isk

I don’t think there is any chance you will get close to 450b. Good luck tho!

Yeah perhaps not.

I have had some longwinded offers but I consider all offers and open to reducing price. All good :slight_smile:

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bump, give me extractors or isk for my silvery ship :slight_smile:

Another offer received - huge thank-you