The crashing, burning, and annihilation of the unique spaceship market by CCP (please unlock)

So I was browsing the sales threads and as anyone can plainly see, AT ship prices have been nuked.

Everyone that bought them will have lost hundreds of billions, and more importantly, would have lost a unique. They are not unique anymore!

This is all because CCP announced they are betraying their commitments to not issue them again on Tranquility. Not to even mention the fact they have been breaking the spirit of the rules by flogging them for cash in China for some time now.

I want to know:

1) What is CCP planning to do for owners to compensate for this? How will CCP salvage the unique nature of these ships from the tattered wild disorder the market has been left in?

2) What is CCP going to do to keep its integrity intact before it steams ahead trying to make billions on the blockchain markets?

3) In closing, from what principles of stewardship did orders issue to plunder EVE’s community of wealthy individuals and luxury item collectors?*

Why is my thread locked

Deja vu.

Er htfu?


Oh no, you lost ISK in your speculation?

Dangers of speculating.


My old thread got locked due to so many bad actors. The spirit of this thread is asking the key questions straight up.


Speculation that CCP will honor its promises.
Speculation that CCP will correctly handle its luxury digital goods market.
Speculation… that CCP will do right by its virtual market participants, each of whom trusts it with the mantel of stewardship.

If by speculation, you mean the above, then yes I lost money after doing it wrong.

The dangers of speculation indeed.

who cares? aside from you obviously

As to whom, every participant of the virtual economy that has traded into, or invested into, AT ships.

Furthermore to answer your question using a broad-spectrum, anyone that subscribes to crypto values. Would it sit well, or ill, with crypto values to flog NFTs or coins on one continent, while hustling out more sales of duplicates in another? I suggest, sir, it is the antithesis of proper crypto values.

except the AT ships don’t belong to you…

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Of course, they do.

I am a virtual participant in a virtual market that follows basic buying and selling rules, where after you buy something you own it, and after you sell you don’t.

That is a very silly argument to try to get away with.



When you accepted that wonderful eula you do not own it. Maybe in game, and in game the direction might change at any time. People lost billions when changes came about that made the mining mindlink useless. I was one of them.

But I did not stomp in the forums screaming unfair like a child. You always run the risk that things you speculate on reduce in value. It is a policy change not a promise. And like every company, they reserve the right to change their policies as time moves to adapt the changing landscape.

Also… if you are done crying. Contract me all yours stuff. Unlike you, I am happy to use them as ships and loose them in a fight.


I predicted they will sell these ships for cash. It was natural turn of events.

Its how the game industry works now and CCP is not different.
Premium ammo for cash in some other game = premium ships for cash in EVE
They will be selling them on tranquility eventually.

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I actually do not have an issue with that.

It just means I will get to kill AT ships if CCP ever releases these on tranq store. :slight_smile:


Like when they said player structures will have asset safety forever then later on decided nope and got a bunch of people’s stuff taken away or destroyed? You had the signs you had the warning you should have known better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and btw…


:stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :dealwithitparrot:


First, you are not owed a profit. It’s called speculation for a reason.

Second, CCP needs to act for the good of the game as a whole, and not prioritize safegaurding the wealth of the top 1% of the top 1%. And if you could actually look past your own self-interest, you could see that. Unfortunately, that appears to be something that you are incapable of doing.

Third, why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you trying to weaponize player outrage in order to get what you want? Because if so, you are wasting your time.

Derelik Miasmos
Shipwreck Jones


I think you should stop what are you doing atm and step back and look… if they dont want you to bring these things to communitys attention … they will begin to sent their muppets and alts troll you start with.

Derail the subject and attention away from the main focus. Then close the thread again… and because of you reopen the closed thread . Regardless how much you try to write it down descent … they will close again. And you might loose access to wrote on this forums with this toon…
happened to me . Friendly heads up.

They dont hold promises. It is clean up to now right ?
And if you are rich and crying noone gives â– â– â– â–  . Thats the image they try to imply on you .
This is for the games behalf .
They try to imply on you .

But they totally forget the fact that breaking promises breakes the trust and breaking trust cost everything in business sector.
They forget this fact.
They also forget the fact trying to silence peoole creates extra layer of negative emotions …
They forget the fact people might not seem like givin ■■■■ what happened to you but will happen different way and context and subject others too…

This creates awarenes inside the community…

Try to be constructive and come with solutions they may say…
I did that…

I suggest dont do it…

Because sharing solid reliable business solutions shows and emphasize their incapability even more…
In best case for them… ridicule it with forum alt muppets…

Well known tactics .
Other thing… for every individual who emphasize what they think here.
You are one person … and general tendancy is underestimating what one person do and can. Because you are one person , you are very rich in eve ? They dont need you . Nobody needs you… thats the mentality. They will imply on you…

Dealing prolification a. Make the item wothless
B make the item vulnarable reduce the functionility.

This tactic they fallow… is very neanderthall business solution idea and the lvl of their knowledge and management skills .

I never have an AT ship… something i cant even dream … because i did use my all isk to help new players.
So this model of person as i am you shouldnt expect any symphaty from me … neither others… read the thread what people writing there?

Oh you rich guy now crying … who cares …

Only reason i do care and write is … i value principles. I hold promises. And i do only trust people who has honesty descency to hold promisses and stick with their principles with spine.

Even is my enemy… i value these type of people more than the ones closer to me


Oh crud its Blue :smiley:

The best way to get back at them would be to give your stuff to me.


There are no honest people

You don’t own game assets, CCP does. While CCP offers the game to the public, you have the right to make use of the assets on your account. CCP has the right to make any changes at any time.

You signed that agreement when you started to play.

Any halfway intelligent speculator does his research before spending billions, and any halfway intelligent speculator would have learned long ago that CCP does not care about the things you are crying about. Nor does CCP exhibit any particular level of integrity in their dealings with the player base.

You were foolish, you leapt before you looked, you made big speculations on silly things the value of which could be destroyed with the flip of a bit. Caveat emptor.

You’re also kinda nuts, as shown by your previous posts in various threads. Crazy speculators who don’t do their homework get burned. I’d recommend you stop playing with matches.