The market is not under player control

Until the insurance business is under player control the economy is still controlled by CCP and they profit from loss.

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How is CCP profiting from loss here? Pend Insurance will literally pay out on uninsured ships.





First, proof of CCP control?
Second, what is the definition of “loss”?

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Look at this ship loss

Total value : 35.8 billion isk or 470 dollars worth of isk.

28.7 billion isk was destroyed, or 380 dollars worth of isk. Where do you think that value goes? Intangible asset value is like energy, it is never destroyed, it just changes forms.

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and ccp calculates destruction as a isk sink if im not mistaken.

An isk sink is profit for them. It’s like short selling, they are betting against the players. The destruction process is a negative intangible asset swap. They produce value at another part of the economy by swapping an asset somewhere else. It’s all connected by an economic thread.

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But how?

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Value at one point, the destruction of an asset, creates a void. The players will replace those assets, even if they created it completely from mined material that mined material is not available to another player. It creates a need, where the need was not present until the asset was destroyed. That 370 dollars is only replenished when a player elsewhere buys isk using plex. They buy assets and convert it to game time for those elsewhere who have the means to create an asset out of nothing. Time is the transferring medium in this case. As it is in real life, all real world assets can be calculated in units of time. All money is time.

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a mechanism that removes ISK from the game permanently, such as the broker fee, skillbooks or LP stores. You pay ISK to the game and the game doesn’t give you ISK back.

so ship loss, i would be wrong to say its an isk sink, when it’s not. but you still haven’t actually mentioned how ccp makes money off ship loss.

Still not following you. The only way what you’re saying, as I’m (partially) understanding it, is if we assume that all players necessarily buy PLEX to replace their losses, which is nowhere near true.

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It’s all a fractal economic concept. Everything is connected, like a butterfly flapping their wings in one part of the world causes a typhoon somewhere else.

This 370 dollars is earned potential someone had to build that, work at that, put it together. It cost game time to do. And he will do it again and replace what was lost. A person selling product in Jita or a person buying a product with isk bought through plex creates the steam so to speak in the economy that causes value to be recreated that will replace that asset. Meanwhile CCP pockets that 370 dollars in value.

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you ether pay with a game subscription or you pay with plex, either way your time is converted to value for CCP.

but yet all assets in game etc. hold NO VALUE to us…

You’re operating on a lot of assumptions here.

First of all, there’s no external money transfer outside of the game. Second, players make in-game money/resources at wildly varying rates. Third, players don’t only play to replace losses; if someone doesn’t take a loss “worth 370 dollars,” they may or may not still play the game for other reasons. Fourth, EVE assets (outside of PLEX) hold no book value for CCP, as they can’t liquidate them.

Saying that a loss worth $370 means CCP pockets $370 is way out in la-la land.


On December’s economic report destruction exceeded production. There is a reason why its the first thing on the report. It is ccp’s bottom line. Right now its just a matter of managing the spiral down. The game is taking its toll on players and people are getting bored. They know something is wrong with the game but they can’t put their finger on it. It’s the corrupt nature of CCP and their lack of honesty about how the economy works. They need to come out and say the majority of their profit comes from ship destruction.

I watched one person quit this week with the quote “I used to be able to chill in high sec, now i can’t, i am done.”. CCP wants to keep pushing destruction and get more profit.

you do realize that in december there were wars going on with a lot of expensive titans going kaboom…

i’ve always understood the only money that ccp makes is either from people plexing, or the sub… thats it. anything else is all in game assets that don’t have any value.

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