The market is not under player control

Facebook calls their database an intangible asset. It has value there is no transfer outside of the database to money. The value is in the data itself inside the database because people give it value.

A patent is value as well. Another intangible asset. It’s in your mind, and no where else, it can’t be transferred into money. But it has value, its transferred out using your time to write it down and send it to the patent office.

A 500MN Microdrive in game has no real world value, when you built it thats when it has value as you spent your time to make it. I am another player and I need one but i don’t want to spend my time in game earning the isk to buy it, so i buy plex. Now lets say i did earn isk, i spent time my purchased game time mining for the isk to buy it. My game time and my personal time was converted into value.

So i can use real world money to buy my game time, or i can use more of my in game time and personal time to buy plex with isk which gives me more subscription time and access to machinery that will make production easier and save me personal time.

The conversion to real world money happens at a point where you’re valuing your time. Its several degrees of separation but that’s what CCP wanted from day one. The reality of destruction being profit with them may cause people to stop playing the game.

You’re using numbers on a 3rd party website as evidence that the market in EVE Online is controlled by CCP?

It doesn’t matter i am sure insurance did not pay him the whole value of that ship, regardless of the exact numbers. It’s being used as an example, the exact figures are irrelevant.

The ship wasn’t purchased with $. It has no $ value. The values zkill and media coverage of big fights applies are just for epeening, nothing more.

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>still using a THIRD PARTY WEBSITE as the basis for making a dumb claim that has zero supporting evidence.

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Your using a strawman and only supporting it with my own example which means nothing. I could have used any ship or any figures. You want to defeat me using your brains not irrelevant figures. Trolling for a thread shutdown?

So your saying no one would buy that ship with isk?

>doesn’t know what a “strawman” is

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Your using it now because you think the original argument is to hard to defeat.

I don’t think you fully understand how the PLEX market works. The demand for PLEX isn’t infinite. It theoretically caps out at the total amount of players that wish to be subscribed (plus a small margin for those who use it entirely as a speculative tool), and it would lose its in-game value to almost nothing way before that limit is reached.

Believing each loss to have a tangible financial value for CCP because someone will go out and buy PLEX to replace it only works if you look at each loss in isolation, and not when you evaluate the system as a whole. When you look at the system as a whole, you can see that that particular PLEX sale would drive down the overall ISK value of PLEX by virtue of increasing its supply, and decreasing its demand, meaning that it would have an effect on subsequent PLEX purchases.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand that PLEX exists in an equilibrium like all other financial instruments, and that CCP can’t magically keep printing money forever with PLEX sales just by virtue of players wanting to trade it for ISK.


In game ISK, sure. So what?

How does CCP profit off it? In almost every MER, bounties and insurance combined exceed destruction.

Every month literally trillions of ISK is just invented out of thin air and added to the game. Even destruction generates ISK.

How does CCP profit from making ISK enter the game faster than it leaves?

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>still doesn’t know what a “strawman” is, but has seen enough psuedo online “debates” that he knows a buzzword or two and thinks he can just throw it out randomly like a dumb high school kid hoping his teacher would accept his lack of knowledge as correct

Edit: it’s been like 2 minutes and i’m already bored of this MAGA level intellect child. oh well.

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I like what your saying, its better talking to you then these knuckleheads who are too lazy to have a thought.

Yes, your right, its not reasonable to think that someone would just buy plex to replace that ship. But people would expend time to replace that ship. As i said before time is the means on which value is transferred. Time is money after all.

And it is good that the markets are not under full player control. Even the additional control by allowing TTT to emerge was a huge mistake that made EVE worse as a whole.

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Full disclosure, I am exploiting a cognitive bias to make my point when I say “Time is money”, it is far more complex then that.

But, the characters that would mine, mission, produce and sell, market trade, etc. would have paid their subscription anyway. The loss of a Titan or super won’t change that.

CCP aren’t going to be making more money in any way we can measure, just because of losses. There is already an excess of ISK in game.

I will have to read up more on the history of ccp mistakes.

In the economic reports destruction is the first value tabulated. Are you so sure about that?

Let me try to break it down into a pseudo-formula/logical chain:

current economic equilibrium
more destruction/less gain (both ISK and resources)
overall economic deflation
PLEX value falls (takes less ISK/resources to buy it from others)
less PLEX purchased (PLEX is less attractive)
PLEX ISK/resource value rises (lower supply)
new economic equilibrium is reached

Keep in mind that as was mentioned above by others, players who want to subscribe are likely to do it regardless of the method of subscription. So any slack in, or overabundance of, PLEX subscriptions will be integrated into cash subscriptions. CCP’s overall revenue will remain the same, plus/minus some minor offsets due to cash sub/PLEX price differences, players quitting, etc.

The only tangible way that destruction has an effect of CCP’s bottom line is by virtue of modifying the amount of players who want to play the game, and not due to the intrinsic value of EVE assets.


This would only be valid if you wouldn’t be able to print ISK and spawn minerals out of nothing. Your argument that you invest time here has no meaning , it’s time for a video game … time you already waste voluntarily for entertainment .