Suddenly realized something about large fleet battles

Just realized something about large fleet battles. CCP Makes a ton of money from them. Not just from plex but from each vessel destroyed. For instance the salvage from a $40 ship is around $30. Where does that money go? Any taxes or void in the system that absorbs plex is pure profit for the gaming company.

The only way that CCP can keep ethical balance is to improve the insurance in game, right now the profit is a little high.

Are you… talking about RMT?
Assets in game have zero real money value.

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Every ship in the game (except those given away in the career missions and special events or sold in LP stores) is manufactured by players, using materials harvested by players and purchased from players using ISK. Most of the ISK enters the game through ratting.

Players who don’t enjoy PVE can purchase PLEX from CCP with real world cash and sell that PLEX for ISK on the in-game market to buy their ships. Those of us who make the ships can then use the ISK we receive to buy PLEX and use it to pay for our subscription.

CCP uses some of the real world cash to pay the devs who create the content and maintain the infrastructure that delivers it. The rest is profit, and we want CCP to be profitable - the game wouldn’t last long otherwise!

It’s a virtuous cycle.

That’s the question, everyone wants people to be profitable. but a lot of companies insist on hitting 20% ROI which is insane. In a game like this which takes advantage of addiction and FOMO, uses bait and switch. The ROI should be capped at 15%. So the simple solution is to improve insurance in game to match the reasonable investment limitations for this type of company. I think the Icelandic government would be very interested in a game’s ROI considering the advantage. They love to throw bankers in jail for less.

edit: or just invest more in cool stuff, that does not necessarily get a return. QOL features. :wink:

In a planned, communist economy, you can cap profitability but it hasn’t worked very well wherever it has been tried - state run enterprises tend to be horribly inefficient. Capitalism provides a feedback loop between the business and their customers - charge too much and the customers turn to competitive products. The gaming industry is competitive - CCP needs to maintain an attractive value proposition to stay in business.

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That’s not what communism is, bailing out bankers who game the system. That’s communism. Regulatory measures insures capitalism works. As Milton Friedman (Nobel prize wining economist) put it, regulation is required when two parties engage in a venture that might hurt the public interest of a third party. In this case pirates players in the game work towards personal profit and CCP profit, at the expense and hurt of a third party. Unwitting players.

Just like you can’t drive without 100% replacement insurance in most countries, the regulator makes sure the driver can drive again after loss, and profit still occurs.


It works for Bezos.

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I don’t think you understand how Eve works.

By the way, I advise you not to buy plex for money to sell on the in-game market. Odds are, it’s just going to enrich the people that kill you.


what you wrote just showed that you have no idea about what you are talking about

Gandalf said to Grima: " The wise speak only of what they know"

In French we say “it’s better to stay quiet and let others think that you are stupid, rather than opening your mouth and leaving no doubt about it”


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