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Why CCP do nothing at all to prevent corp mates teaming together in the FFA destroyers proving filament ?

That s ruining everything.


Such as…?

Easy there. The internet is not where we come to fix problems. The internet is where we come to yell about problems IN ALL CAPS.


No, it’s not ruining anything outside of the stupid arenas. I see no problem here.

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Isn’t it 5 go in
One go out?

The current issue (since it seems like you’ve not participated them to a substantial degree) is that there are people who are queuing up for these arenas using multiple alts (or queuing together with friends). When they enter the arena, the players will find themselves not in a Free For All, as the event would suggest, but (for example) a 1 v 1 v 3 scenario, where a “team” of 3 players would be either alts of a single player, or a pilot and his friends.

This turns an event where you’d expect to have a fair shot at winning into a near guaranteed loss.

This has been commented on by many people who’ve noticed people using alts to gain an unfair advantage in these FFA arenas. The above screenshot showcases a fight where one person was able to enter the arena with at least 2 of his alts “Rattlesnake Bot I and III”.

There are other pilots who are more than happy to admit that they are “boosting” with multiple alts (though whether or not it is successful is another issue).

These two screenshots were just taken off the r/eve subreddit, and there are several more posts with people commenting about how unfair the situation is when you end up in a fight against players either teaming up and colluding with one another, or when you are against a single pilot who is controlling multiple fighters in the arena.

Eve. Fair? Lulz.


Just fly in nullsec youll find battles there

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This one seems fairly easy to fix. No more than 1 account per IP in a FFA event. I know given enough effort this can also be dodged. But if you are willing to run VMs with VPNs just to get your alts into an FFA you’re so sad you deserve the tiny reward you get from doing so.

Sounds like OP just needs more friends.

or it sounds like eve doesn’t need those arena-type pvp things? Eve is all about open pvp, for me, not instanced pvp.
Except the AT event, with rules

Well, CCP intended for the unique SKINs to be a reward of prestige and skill. Instead they will become the mark of cheesiness, shame and “who-can-cheat-the-system-better”.

So, Eve being Eve? :smiley:


The thing with EVE players is that they will optimize their gameplay completely into their favour when possible.

For the normal game, that’s exactly how we’re supposed to play! We’re given conflict drivers and all the tools to have fun optimizing our gameplay.

For arenas, where people are expecting the ‘fair’ fights from MOBAs and other competitive games, any of the regular ‘EVE-optimising gameplay’ is actually destroying the fun of arenas for other players who do not join in overly expensive ships or with alts. Arenas aren’t made with the common EVE gameplay in mind.

Arenas may be fun when done casually against others with the same mindset, but they don’t fit with the common gameplay theme of EVE: optimizing your win chance.

For arenas to succeed in EVE as a fun activity for most players instead of a few, CCP will have to engage in an ongoing battle against player-optimization by making it impossible to join FFA with friends or alts, making it impossible to recognise enemy names, making it impossible to talk to others while in the arena and making it impossible to bring higher than T2 modules into the arena, as well as making it impossible to do whatever people will come up with after this and after that…

Arenas can be fun as a short event, but in their current state they don’t fit in EVE for the long term.

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If you are good enough at this game, one guy triple boxing is usually a free win.

Nice win, was that in your 40M standard sunesis or 400M bling sunesis?


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