Find PVP Filament Fleets in "Fila Gila"!

These new fangled PVP filaments are for two people, so what about the soloists out there?

I created “Fila Gila”, the (probably first) PVP Filament Fleet Finder! It’s quite empty, but keep it in your channels for a while shall you? It might end up growing, and you’ll have it at your back the day you want a PVP filament ride!

Join in game channel (you guessed it, “Fila Gila”) to participate in filament PVPing!

(Yes I am aware I complained about these PVP filaments, but let’s give them a try, shall we?)

I don’t get those filaments…
My main problem is that… with the limited time I have, it is very hard to find company to run those 2v2 filament’s.
I would really enjoy blowing up isk if they were 1v1s.
Login, get blown up couple of times and bye!


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Making 2v2 as first “event” wast dumbest move from CCP when introducing them.
Also, in just few days they are again dominated by one unbalanced ship…

Yeah exactly! So join the channel and wait for some fun! (feel free to do something else while waiting).

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