Idea: Battleground Filament

How about a filament that opens to singular star where everyone fight “at the SUN!”?

Jump in to a ship, filament to special battleground system, hope for direct fight & direct content.
*No reward just fight.
*May lose 20+ cheap ships.
*It would help when content keeps ruining from fights.
*An good way to train members new and old indy vets in module management & flying ships in solo.
*May be if successful small groups oriented battleground.


Just warp to sun in any low or null system. Bonus points for doing it in a null staging system.
Extra bonus for saying fight me cowards in local.


Doing it all the time & i still warp to sun even in stagings.
Traveling to stagings takes times hence this idea.

It taking time is good. Instant gratification kills anyone roaming because everyone is off doing the instant stuff.

if you want instant gratification pvp, you’re playing the wrong damn game, HTFU.

Actually it’s very evident that this game we (myself included) tell people to “HTFU” about is no longer the same game as we once knew it. CCP has turned this into an abomination.

A change like this isn’t far fetched and I wouldn’t be surprised to see CCP do something like this. I agree though, it’s stupid. If you want to shoot people, just go out and do it. Why do you require that CCP serve you up with instant gratification?

Wasn’t that the function of the Reindeer Filaments? To quickly transport player fleets to combat engagements?


More forced content. More dungeons. More RNG.

Less sandbox. Less tactics.

I get it where community and EVE is heading now…

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this is because the community of eve hasn’t take note of the global memo that political correctness isn’t sensible…

also CCP hasn’t deepened the game mechanics in a while like it has done periodically, i get the frig escape bay, but that was promised on the nestor… simply got an sma at the time without even telling us it was WIP.

trig ships were installed because people who didn’t know about neuts were complaining about perma tank ships…
now we have trig dread? i wonder how long it will take for the trig Marauder to pop out of the woodwork through invention of the leshak? surely that’s an easter egg waiting to be seen?

i hope ccp realises what’s happening and manages to correct course because this game is great.

but they’re tackling a complainative player base, by being compliant with it’s demands, instead of staying the course to what they seemingly envisioned.

eve echoes is evidence of this, i really hope they link the mobile and the PC version it would open up so many possibilities,


Try substiting “decency” into a sentence about political correctness. If it doesn’t work or sounds absurd then you are talking about the insanely overblown characiture of it people love to paint it as when really it’s just talking about decency.

that is the very crux of it yes, poltical correctness is about respect, indeed.

it’s when people get fallacious and cognitively biased that everything turns to ■■■■, and it happens quite regularly from what i can see, maybe it’s a symptom of a game that’s lost direction i dunno but i’ve started coming up with design ideas, one i’ve just posted in the summit sub section and i have a few others brewing that i will be posting about.

hopefully my return to new eden and the ideas i have can gain enough interest for ccp to look into them, this first one is pretty cool imo.

I think you’ll find those design ideas have been come up with before. I’ve personally seen battlegrounds suggested at least 20 times.
It does lead to sharper replies when it’s an oft repeated bad idea.

I like it, it should be divided into class, so from frigate all the way up to titan! It could teleport you to a special system in jove space and have you trapped in a grid similar to the proving grounds in abyssal space. With loot to be had depending on the level of filament you use, so if you 1v1 a titan, you could stand to get some serious rewards.


@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I recommend moving this great topic suggestion into the player features and ideas section of the forum. Lexx Devi deserves the attention, for this idea is a good one.


As in separate instance from the rest of the game?.. Uh no, next invasion and incursions fleets will want a special instance all to themselves.

CCP is definitely not perfect and not all new content is loved but they should never, never ever, never ever ever do any thing like separate instances besides the unique trig space filaments we have now.

Maybe pvp is not what it used to be but it is not CCPs fault, and they really need to stop messing with pve to try and force pvp. Pvp is something that is and always should be created by the players. The game has already done enough by allowing it anywhere, to anyone.

Well, CCP made changes over years that resulted in bad state we have now.

I guess that original idea was to create area for more “fair” combat, combat that everyone agree to take part in.

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Pvp as I said before is controlled by players, obviously. The only changes that CCP made that may be causing any sort of " bad state we have now " would be changes to pve.

Even with stuff like local blackout that yes does effect how players pvp, it still up to the players to create pvp. The ability to pvp has never been taken away. Most if not all problems people have with pvp is player created.

So it is controlled by players or changed by CCP? Decide what you want to say. Because at this point you misunderstanding ability to take part in PvP and how CCP control in what way players fight with each other.

It’s changes made by CCP ended with stagnation and no reason to fight. Only because they listened to players that cry loudest not own vision. Now, with low effort changes they trying to fix own mistake. But it’s to late. Fixing economy, changing null and creating conflicts will take years. I don’t know how many players will last by that time.

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No stop trying to make eve easy

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