Alliance Tournament XVI - Schedule & Brackets

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #1

This year the brackets are hosted on the website.

The official brackets of ATXVI are here. The bracket has been seeded by CCP based on the results of last year as calculated for previous tournaments and new teams (with no seeding from ATXV) randomly positioned. This will be updated as the tournament progresses. You can also create an account to make predictions on the upcoming matches if you wish!

Full schedule can be found here, and match times added to the challonge website soon.



(Soldarius) #2

Shouldn’t skill urself be up in the same bracket as Vydra? Why are they in the bracket with the #4 team?

nvm figured it out.

(Kei Hazard) #3

Thank you for detailed schedule.

(Vewglas Ouroborose) #4

You sure that round 5 winners play BO1 according to your schedule? #109 and #110. Sounds hilarious when you have BO1 in 1/4 finals.

Also why loser bracket in #107 and #108 play BO3 while further loser bracket #111 and #112 play BO1?

(Kei Hazard) #5

It says BO3 on the original schedule website so I guess that is a mistake?

(Vewglas Ouroborose) #6

Yeah looks like they mixed up some games and will fix it.

Another point of concern - let’s suppose that 1/4 is BO3 and all fine, why the hell you play both 1/4 BO3 and 1/2 BO3 at the same day? Do you guys think it will be fun to watch the semifinals of exhausted players?

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #7

Thanks for spotting the error on the spreadsheet. 107 & 108 are now bo1 and 109 & 110 are now bo3 as originally intended. Apologies for any confusion caused.

We are aware that weekend 3 will be challenging for teams this year, but feel that the standard of teams that reach the top 8 in recent years should be able to handle the challenge, particularly as they have a full week to recover and organise should they reach the final day.