Ladar Sites, (Gas Harvesting), Classes One to Four Wormholes

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I wonder if you’d be kind enough to inform me if there’s any difference in gas harvesting between classes one through four wormholes.

My understanding is the ladar sites are all the same for these classes of wormhole. (I understand C5 and C6 wormholes have the two ‘vital’ sites)

Is there just a lower spawn rate of ladar sites within a class one wormhole compared to say… a class three?.

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C1 and C2 can have “Perimeter” gas sites.
C3 and C4 can have “Perimeter” and “Frontier” gas sites.
C5 and C6 can have "Perimeter, “Frontier” and “Core” gas sites.

For a description, see the tab named “Gas Sites” in the link below.

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The more valuable WH gas sites (instrumental core and vital core) will only show up in C5 and C6 wormholes, as Duo already mentioned above.

Shattered wormholes are an exception to this rule, core gas sites can show up lower class shattered wormholes.

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even rykki still have incorrect information.

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I just warped into my 1st gas site and the sentry guns got me. Do you scan them down and return in a bigger ship to take out the guns or can they be taken out?

NEVER enter a gas site that has ‘Ordinary’ in its name, as you learned the hard way :frowning: you will get blown up by sentry guns.

You might be able to get those out of the way with a big enough ship, although I’m not sure whether they will respawn. In gas sites you just scanned down powerful Sleeper NPCs will spawn in 15-20 minutes and if you are not in a battleship or something you will get blown up, although they spawn 50km away and you have enough time to stop your gas harvesters (if you leave without stopping them you will lose the gas you were harvesting in that cycle) and get out of there.

Some tips: spam dscan, never chat in local.

Here’s a page that might help you :

Good luck and happy fullerite harvesting!

P.S. unless you’re near a trade hub the prices for fullerite may be a little low for your liking.

They don’t respawn until downtime. Even after downtime, I’m not sure if they respawn.

Any T1 ship with about 125hp/sec of passive shield regen can take them down.

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Thank you for pointing this out! I do have a new link…

It seems to be updated… not sure if ALL info is correct because I have not run all the sites to test the data. I just run the c3 c4 c5 c6 sites… seems to be legit.

there is still few incorrect in gas sites, but not critical. for example: all abilities of sleepers, like scram, neut or web are activating not in 70, 40 or 30km, but 69.999, 39,999 or 29,999km. its important if you need keep range.
thx for your job anyway.

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