WH was a major disappointment, point me the right way?

(Alistair Atreides) #1

Was so excited to first pass through the wormhole, and on my first day being back in 11ish years! Only to find that scanning everything resulted in gas clouds and hostile sites.

Sooooooo…was bummed.

Now I guess I can fit cheap T1 for gas cloud harvesting? I will look it up but honestly don’t know anything about gas harvesting.

But, how often are sites always hostile? Lame :slight_smile:

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(Mac-Gregor) #2
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(Alistair Atreides) #3

Thanks! I am intrigued in the Ninja Gas Mining now haha. Breathes some new life into the dusty combat WH

(Behrin Vega) #4

Maybe you should triple box paladins or naglfars… or rattlesnakes in a c4 c5 c6 if you are broke or want a good trap…

pvp is the bomb in wh space. even if you didnt want it.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #5

Chat to Cyrus Kurush in the Singularity Syndicate recruitment channel. You won’t regret it, we do everything you can do in WHs, plus more.

(Shiloh Templeton) #6

OP, do a little research on WH classes so you understand what you will find in it and what other WH’s will connect to it. Most WH’s will have 2-4 connecting WH’s. If there’s only one it probably means whoever lives there rolls off all the connections to keep out intruders. I sometimes find WH’s with 7-8 connecting WH’s.

If you are looking for faction data/relic sites they only spawn in classes 1-3 so don’t bother looking in classes 4-6.

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