Sneaking into WH to get ore

hi there,

im sure these questions have been asked, ive gone through several FAQs so please bear with me.
so i reduce the occasion to stare at an empty bookmark with a full ship of ore :joy: :joy: :joy:

  1. i understand that WHs has a short timer, plus mass of ships kills it,
    so is it generally a Bad idea to do mining in WH space and ship it out?
    is a full miasmos considered a huge ship and kill WHs faster anyway?
    (i play solo on my casual time dont have a fleet or corp to work with)

  2. is there at least a vague indicator of a WHs life?
    i mean ive recently scanned one and it could disappear in 10 mins or so
    after my ship gone through :joy: :joy:
    i know i should probably install a probe on my ship but mining ships dont have that leisure!

i know this is probably part of the fun of WHs just wanna get better at the game, thx!

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I would read up on wormholes via the Eve University wiki. Wormholes - EVE University Wiki

You can determine the lifespan of a wormhole by the text when you โ€˜Show Infoโ€™ it.

  • This wormhole has not yet begun its natural cycle of decay and should last at least another day
    +24 hours
  • This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably wonโ€™t last another day
    Between 4 and 24 hours
  • This wormhole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime
    Less than 4 hours left.

A common thing people do is โ€œday tripโ€ into wormholes, its mostly to mine gas sites rather than Ores.

This is a good general video on that practice:

Hope that answers some of your questions and provides a resource for any I missed. Fly safe mate! o7


ty sir that was very helpful,
i did open show info on a WH once and thought those only lore stuff in it,
cant believe i missed itโ€ฆ shouldve paid more attention!!
thanks again and have a good day

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@Mevatla_Vekraspek Seems you smell blood when you read the word WH.:smiling_imp:

Well, sort of, i was about to tell him to bring a mobile depot and a probe launcher but Venture cargohold is too small for that. And to use deep safe spots too.

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