Mining and production in WH from the beginning

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I want to start mining and build industrie in WH. In this part of Eve I’m a new guy. I would be so glad if you can advice or recommend me which structures I need, what type of mining fleet? (2-3 windows max. ).

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dont do it … you dont will be happy if your not in a group to defend your stuff !

at first go into the recruitment section and look for a corp where you can do your stuff ! alone in WH space you will only die and lose your “home”

like this comment? oO

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I’m in WH corp, but no one doing mining or industry, that why I’m looking for advices here.

maybe the wrong corp ?

otherwise just start ? look for ore anomalies and have fun !

my advice is → dont do it with an orca and with Exhumers ! stay cheap
scan the WH youre in and look how many and what the conections are !
and never forget → you will die !

maybe ask your CEO if you can have a moon mining station if you want it

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So, what I have a new at this time.
i have propoise for links + 1 covetor, second covetor also posible(thinking only if there is a reason to pay for thir window). before mining I’m re-closing all wh. I need more advicec un Structures and fits - on youtube space only all videos where is cleared good.
I was thinking to get raitaru, but I not not much about idustiel sturctures. What I need for it, which structures, fits?

I want to start from small things - to produc ammo and another supplier for my self there. I know also that WH have almost all resourses, only veldspar i need to bring there.

useless oO calculate the point even when its good to switch from a barge to a porpoise !

the first step to get some safety

raitaru if you want to build stuff ! athanor if you want to refine for most profit !

if you cant bring a defense fleet then there is no point for any fit ! only the service module is important
if you bring a defense fleet then ask your CEO about the defense timer and how you need to fit it !

nobody will told you what you need to build ! thats a thing you need to calculate for yourself

Industry in a wormhole is basically the same as industry in Nullsec. The only real difference is the inability to build Titans and Supercarriers.

So, Athanors and Tataras are your Refineries, moon drills and reaction farms. Raitarus, Azbels and Sotiyos are your Blueprint Research Facilities and Shipyards.

Any K-Space guide to Industry will apply inside the Wormhole.

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Thank you

I have a plan what to do at first. If I’ll use to bargres for mining istead of 1 por and barge. I’ll need to drops ore in space, how long it will stay there? when container will desepier? CEO will not be able to help with with mining stuff, bacuse he more PVP oriented.

Regarding defense fleet here is not problem. We have good enough guys and setups

2h max

if hes more pvp oriented then hes the perfect dude to ask for the citadell fits ! because you cant fit anything for mining except the service modules

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Got it,

Thank you mate, I hope you will have a wonderful and warm day! ☼

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Your corp members should already know this and should already have this, if your corp doesn’t have industry that it doesn’t have what it takes to defend the hole… so you are giving us the hint that you live in a bearhole/crabhole… not a Fort Knox at all

You gotta begin with this:

  • Tatara: for moon mininng and reactions, you need reactions for building certain materials and the moon stuff for the capital materials
  • Azbel: for building the capitals that will defend the hole

Don’t anchor a Raitaru because it can’t build capitals and don’t anchor an Athanor because it can’t run reactions.

You want reactions and you want building one FAX and a couple dreads, you also gotta start preparing the alts that will fly those ships and bring the right implants and boosters to the hole, the meta is capacitor warfare, a lot of neut pressure, a lot of neuts resistance,having a lot of capacitor and cap transfers

Your corp/alliance also need to have a decent sized defense fleet, you will have to scale your defense fleet based on what will come through the wormhole connections your hole has, because you have to calculate beforehand the fleet composition of the attackers based on mass. Aim for having at least 2x more people than you need

Think about those things for about a month and talk to the corp, they have to be dead commited to this and they have to share the risks and costs with you, otherwise they won’t commit to the fights and you will just lose everything you have


Yah this is stuff a corp should know and this gives me serious red flags.

Also Moons in WHs are the same as HS moons.

You do it the same way that you would do otherwise. WHs don’t make things easier, it just means you lose EVERYTHING WHEN THEY GET DESTROYED while getting a meager improvement to material efficiencies and the ability to somewhat reliably buy low from jita and then sell high in amarr.

You will generally want three things:

Athanor with hybrid reactions and composite
Raitaru with manufacturing plant
3rd (usually an astrahus) with invention and research plant

And outside of Eve, some of the industry and manufacturing tools/spreadsheets. You will also want to keep an eye on Jita prices and Amarr prices, as those two areas vary quite a bit.

Acquire materials for hybrid reactions, buy moon goo materials for T2 reactions, hopefully get most of the PI you need from your planets (buy the rest), and manufacture the component tiers and finished products. you can make a lot of isk buying material from Jita and selling finished goods in Amarr for a lot of things now that Amarr’s supplier base has become quite distant.

Though you will generally find that you will need to buy a lot of raw materials as your manufacturing queue can easily outpace the amount of stuff that you can mine/react – smaller profit margins from that route, but more profit is always better.

The PI is really the best indy benefit of a WH w/o the NS sov stuff.

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Athanors are perfectly capable of running reactions, they just do it a little slower than a Tatara.

I think porpoise + covetor > 2x retrievers since the covetor mines more than a retriever and you don’t have to keep warping off to drop off ores.

i dont know, i didnt calculate it by myself but i can imagine that 1 covetor + 1 porpoise have less m³/min then 2 retriever. thats why i said he need to calculate it !

This is actually a handful of good advice.

@OP: One thing has to be totally clear to you: If your idea is that you can just move into a wormhole, set up a Citadel for you and your two alts and go mine the moon, gas sites and ore sites, you will lose all your investment loooooong before making any profits.

You will need backup of a corp that is willing and able to defend your hole and that can be pretty difficult for people without experience in WH combat. You have no local there, you can only rely on informations from scouts and scanners. You cannot move fleets around as you wish, connections change often, sometimes multiple times a day. And each one is limited in mass. And you get polarize-timers from jumping holes.

You have no asset-safety on a WH Citadel, so it is basically a big fat loot pinata for everyone realizing that you are a noob trying to “set up something he has little knowledge about”.

From what I read in this topic, you should start with baby steps.

  1. Find an unoccupied WH, drop a Medium POS for you and your alts. If fitted nasty and the hole not particulary exciting, people will leave this one alone since usually it isn’t stored that much stuff there and razing it is nasty since POSes can and will actually fight back when no one is logged in. And not even a core will drop.

  2. From this POS, farm Gas and Ore with mining-expeditions in other holes. Use Porpoise+Covetors in the home-hole, use Prospects in neighboring holes. Compress the stuff with the Porpoise. Sell it for profit.

  3. Drop POCOs, do PI in there. Use the POS as temporary storage for your products.

If you can manage this for some months, are used to scanning, mining and rolling quickly without feeding ships constantly to other entities there, THEN think again if you want to make it a large-scale operation around Citadels and an organized defense plan. ProTip: If you can’t field a defense fleet of at least 20 capable ships at any reinforcement timer, comepletely forget it. And we are talking about 20 powerful ships here, not Caracals and Ruptures.

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Actually, the yield of a boosted covetor is quite competive with the yield of two unboosted retrievers.

With their strip miners, a Porpoise boosted Covetor gets about 60m^3/s, while a Retriever gets about 30m^3/s

With the drones, each ship gets 1.13m^3/s per drone. As the retrievers have twice the number of drones, they will win by drones.
On the other hand, the Porpoise can also use drones, and it actually has a bonus for drones, so if the Porpoise also drone mines, the Porpoise team will win.

By practical terms, there are travel times to consider. The drones will lose a significant portion of their yield due to having to move back to the mining ships, and the retriever pair will have to warp off grid to dump ore into a refinery, while a porpoise can compress the ore, and it’s ore hold is large enough for a whole wormhole anomaly to fit inside.

Another practical consideration is that the porpoise is more versatile then a retriever, as it can act as a hauling ship to get excess ore, and more importantly, excess gas to a market: It can cloaky mwd align at a gatecamp, warp through any system in a single warp (i.e. doesn’t run out of capacitor by the warp), and aligns significantly faster then a retriever.

Yet another practical consideration is how boring mining will get, and how much interaction a covetor requires. The Porpoise can hold a whole anomaly - in fact it can hold multiple anomalies - worth of ore in it’s ore hold, but how much time will it take to scoop an anomaly with only one Covetor? While the compression module’s fuel will probably last for a site, how much time do you intend to semi-afk in an anomaly?

i couldnt believe it but youre right …
both calculations was with modulated stip miner II and an A II Crystal

if the porpoise comes up with drone mining then the combination of covetor + porpoise are way better in yield ! but you have to pin your porpoise down if you want to compress and delay the time when you need to unload your cargo.