Moving Building Materials into Lowsec


I’ve slowly been transitioning to compressed ore as my reprocessing skills improve. That’s definitely the ticket for moving materials outside of highsec. For uncompressed ore, I’ve simply been shuttling with a DST. I’ve run a freighter in a few times, but I’ve largely abandoned that entirely as too much risk for too little benefit.

You don’t need any skills to compress ore.

Yes but you lose out if you have poor refining skills when you refine the compressed ore . If you buy minerals on the market they most likely have pricing based on a very high refine rate.

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It also depends on how much your time is worth. If it would take you multiple runs to move the minerals but only one to move the compressed ore. Even with the lower refining efficiency. Then it might be worth the extra price (less time running back and forth is more time you can spend on other isk making activites)

I’m late to the party, but this is correct.

Ships are modeled as velocity vectors with collision spheres. When velocity is 0 (which it is after taking a gate) the facing is arbitrary and you can accelerate in any direction in equal amounts of time. Velocity is the only consideration re:when to web.

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