Website for Ship Fits? Transport Ships to Escape Gate Camps in Low Sec?

There used to be this website that published a compendium of ship fits, voted up or down by players, and covers almost every ship in Eve. It was easy to navigate and very interactive, I forgot its name but I can no longer find it in my search. Did it die and is there an alternative?

That said, can you guys please share with me a tested fit for:

  1. A Deep Space Transport ship with a fleet hangar tailored to escape gate camps in lowsec with high value cargo

  2. A Transport ship that can stay cloaked while warping tailored to escape gate camps in lowsec with high value cargo.

Thank you so much.

Well if the gate camps have an Onyx forget it, just die is the name of that.

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It sounds like you may be referring to BattleClinic, which has died.

Osium was another, which no longer appears to be alive either.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any others.


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you are able to get all the fits from osmium if you follow the directions from the website. I have all the fits saved in an eft file on my pc, up to the day they shut osmium down due to EVE switching to ESI from API

You take the thing from the wrong side, you have to devise the evasion techniques you are going to use before choosing the fit.
What are your plans? Do you want to use the MWD + cloak trick, MJD or take the WCS bet with your DST? Do you want to crash the gate or sneak trough with your BR?
The plan, then the fit. If someone gives you a fit and you don’t use it as intended you are going to lose your expensive ■■■■.

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That is called a Blockade Runner for high value, low volume cargo. Unless they plaster the gate with biomass, containers, wrecks and such that coincidentally prevent you from cloaking, there is little the campers can do to block you from getting through.
For higher values, you should not use a DST, you should use a jump freighter. DST were never designed to work well in low sec (regardless of how much CCP tries). A JF just needs another character in an insta warp frigate (T1 or T2 are able to be insta warp) to bring a cyno to a desired location. Also completely impossible to be caught if you pilot properly.

You can also find good fittings on Zkillboard. Just browse through the losses and you will find Blockade Runner fittings that work. When it comes to hauling, you can also go to the Haulers Channel and ask your questions regarding fitting and proper low sec piloting behavior there. As far as I know that channel is still available and has some people that are rather knowledgeable when it comes to hauling and hauler fits.

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Thanks Mevatla and Rivr, yes i agree the plan comes first and it is to sneak past the gate camp?

Generally i use something like that:

But i prepare my trips with bookmarks, i use a scout and check this before undocking:

Always use the MWD + cloack trick

With all this, the fit becomes secondary.

Intel shield best shield
Good luck with your trip.

Thank you, is it easy to get tackled with this fit by gate camps even while performing the MWD+cloak trick ?

Can they tackle a DST just before the pilot performs MWD+cloak? or right after decloaking? Probability of such a scenario?

You have the +2 warp strenght bonus, that will protect you against long points and you can change the overdrive for a WCS but if you get caught in a well prepared camp, nothing will save you. That’s why i insisted on intel.

is it more likely to get tackled right before the DST pilots activates MWD+ cloak, or more likely to get tackled right after decloaking and preparing to warp to gate? Based on stats/experience.

And what is the warp disruption or scram strength of the new Abyssal Warp disruptor/scrammer? It is being deployed but the info window shows no attributes.

If they have instalock ships with warp strenght bonuses they can tackle you.

No idea about the abyssal scram

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Any good reason why you chose active hardeners instead of more extenders and passive resists on ur mastodon?

my bad, i’ve a bustard with passive resists, but i’ve never tried on the mastodon, but generally it’s because you can overheat them, and the powergrid is not large enough for more shield extenders

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and finally, since you seem experienced, what is the max fleet hangar capacity assuming max skills on a mastodon?

The fleet hangar is 62500 m3 at max skills, and yes, you can haul assembled ship also. no need to be in fleet.
you can open your hangar in space to fleetmates or corpmate, that the main advantage of the fleet hangar

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Thank you v much.

Transporting very large hulls in lowsec is a very dangerous activity, it’s better to transport the materials and build them once you are in LS

or even buy on a local market.
Everything but T3 can be built easily on null regions by now. The only restriction are for rigs, as those are region-specific.

My mastodon is taking 17s to warp from full stop when using the MWD+cloak. is this normal? most of this waiting time is after i decloak…not safe at all.