Tractor Beam on Industrial

I was using a MWD on an industrial go I could go around getting cargo containers and wrecks. Then I found out about tractor beams, which was so much easier than going around. In fact, if I could lock onto three targets instead of two, I’d never even use the MWD to move around my stuff. The other use I had been doing for it was fast aligning. But since the time I put on the MWD and was using it for aligning, I found about nanofiber structures and just slapped 3 on to bring my align time down to… 6.9 seconds. And now that I’ve stopped cycling the MWD to warp, I’m actually getting the benefit of the nanofibers. I only use the MWD to move around very occasionally now and if I could target 3 targets, I wouldn’t even need it at all since my tractor beam would always be on. Also I never move more than 310% the regular speed since I don’t accelerate long enough to reach full MWD speed. Since Advanced Target Management is a skill that I will learn some day in the long future, is it time to ditch the MWD (freeing it for a future ship) and put on a cheap afterburner?

:thinking: uhhh. What’s the question I’m very lost

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Sure, ditch that pesky MWD. Who wants to do that silly cloak/MWD trick anyway? Be sure to pack your hauler full to take advantage of maximum efficiency!

Does the tractor beam (to move the containers) replace the MWD (moving to the containers)

I don’t have the skills to cloak and it’s going to be time since I’m training other stuff.

A cropmate told me the price it took to kill the ship and I figured “eh, if what I’m carrying is 1/3 that price, I can operatle like this until I get the skills to haul the proper way”

Not trying to be a jerk, but a lot of what you have been asking about on the forums could have easily been answered in either rookie help channel (if you are still in that) or in the NPC corp channel IN GAME.

I do ask them questions and 75% of the time I get an answer, I test it, and it’s correct. And sometimes… silence.

I honestly Was not sure. What was being asked. Did you get ganked? Or. Are you trying to haul stuff

I blow up rats and then bring in a bigger ship to carry all the goodies

Why not get a bigger boat? Like a cruiser

In this case hat you need is a Mobile Tractor Unit, deploy with your combat ship and warp your looting ship to it.

I can do that? What if someone else came to the ratting site, created some wrecks the unit pulled and it said “ah mine.” I don’t want to be suspect. Unlike a criminals flag, a suspect one isn’t something I’m like “that’s never going to be me not even when I learn the ropes of the game” but it’s something I’d rather not have when all I’m doing is trying to collect all the goodies I’ve made.

Fine, you will not get one since the MTU don’t take from wrecks that would give you a suspect flag.

Oh thanks for the clarification. I thought they indiscriminately take stuff

MTU’s only pull and loot what belongs to you…

You cant tractor yellow wrecks and if you only have 1 free high slot then a probe launcher or cloak is always my go to.

MWD is a must for me if poss.

Industrials move so slowly that I either use an MWD, or no prop mod at all. I use MWD’s when I need to move around on grid, or want to do the MWD cloak trick. And, if I’m hauling (i.e. taking stuff to market) and don’t want to do the MWD trick, I drop the prop mod in order to fit max tank.

Hope that helps. Also, I disagree with Geo on this one. I’m glad you’re asking newbie questions here. It creates topics that are searchable by other newbies, it allows people to offer different strats/philosophies on things, and I’d rather be answering newbro questions than see the umpteenth forum whine of the day. :slight_smile:


I run the risk of agreeing with @Shipwreck_Jones - still, he does put good points forwards and while I may not agree with all of them (this is Eve, there are many ways of skinning the cat) they are usually worth reading.

The “Tractor Beam on a ship” question and actually the wider “what is a good fitting for ship X?” is really best answered by another question: “what are you using that ship for?” While many ships will do different tasks - a fast hauler can be used for salvaging, an interceptor can be used as a high value transport, trying to get the ship to do two or three different roles at once is always asking for compromises. A hauler loosing the MWD/Cloak trick to fit for salvaging is a compromise.
And the question thus also becomes “what compromises are acceptable to you?” - and that “you” is the important bit as what I may view as acceptable is different to yours.
And that normally causes a thread on the boards to degenerate into abuse and name calling.

Personally, if I’ve got two roles to perform: haulage and salvage, then I’d buy two ships and fit them accordingly. Probably for low cost I’d be going with a Sigil or Bestower for the haul (normally a slippery fit Sigil unless I need the capacity) and for the salvage then I’d go with a destroyer - of which my personal preference is a MWD fitted Dragoon with drones to do the salvage work and tractors in the high slots.
I’m rich enough that if I’m setting up a mission running base then I’m more likely to go down the “Noctis and Prorator” route for the support ships, but that’s a lot of ISK and SP to be there. And it ain’t really needed.

As I’ve said before: I like hearing about the challenges and thoughts of new players. It gives a new perspective to something that I could otherwise just gently forget about.


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