Illegal Fitting

I was able to jam more in my Miasmos than I had power for. This fitting shouldn’t be allowed.

[Miasmos, TiberianSun371AlexW’s Miasmos]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertial Stabilizers I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
[Empty Med slot]
Compact Thermal Shield Amplifier

125mm Prototype Gauss Gun
Small Tractor Beam I

Thorium Charge S x80

The gun doesn’t actually shoot at the rats tho

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This is allowed because the gun is offline, unusable, and therefore not using any of your powergrid. You can tell it is offline because it is dimmed in your fitting window.

If you so desired, you could disable other modules until you had enough PG and then bring the gun online, though I believe to bring a module online in space requires 90% of your capacitor to do.



I think I’ll just remove the gun since the only reason I put it on was to make a quick buck killing rats while picking stuff from my cargo containers. Turning off the speed modules would not really make it worthwhile. I mean the reason I slapped so many Nanofiber Internal Structures was to minimize align time so I’d spend less time using this ship and get to something else.

What does illegal fitting means for you? And which criteria exactly makes you think that something shouldnt be allowed to fit

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Exactly how are you warping out? The MWD negatively affects your align time if you’ve turned it on, and if you are using a single MWD cycle to align from a dead stop, then you’ll warp out when that cycle is up without waiting for your ships align time at all. Also don’t forget that a MWD blooms your signal radius making you very easy to hit.

You could probably do almost just as well with an Afterburner, which would use less PG, doesn’t increase your signal radius, cycles faster, and impacts your align time less. Then maybe you could have your gun as well.

It’s been a while and things change, but I would have someone who’s up to speed on the current state of the game double check you’re getting the benefits from your modules you believe yourself to be.

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I thought this was illegal in the sense I used waaay more power in my modules than the ship bad.

Yup, turn on, turn off, warp out.

Pretty much anything but a Talwar using this anywhere near someone going to shoot it is a big target sign to your back.

This fit isn’t exactly even a “good” fit, just something I was trying out and I was like “wait this shouldn’t be allowed”

I mean you’ll notice I don’t even have a single tanking module on this. If it was something not expendable, it would be really bad.

I’m just saying that as far as I can tell one of two things must be the case:
A) The MWD cycle is shorter than the align time of the ship, in which case the nanos do nothing useful.
B) The align time of the ship is shorter than the MWD, in which case turning on the MWD just slows the ship down.

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Oh… I thought nanos= always better align. And if MWD cycle is shorter than align time, you also get better align. I really through this was better than my MWD only fit since the last 7 times I used this experimental one the align time was shorter, but then again in 3/4 times I’m bumping into asteroids so my align time has a lot of variations so it might just I got lucky with the bumping after adding the nanos

In order to warp, your ship has to be headed in the direction you want to go at 3/4ths it’s top speed.

The align time on your ship is how long this would take from a dead stop under it’s normal engine power.

If you use a MWD, when you turn it on your maximum speed goes up, and your acceleration curve is adjusted upwards to match. (ie, it takes the same amount of time to reach top speed), but when the MWD shuts off, your top speed suddenly drops, but your ship’s current speed remains the same as when it was on. The end result is that you end up mathematically at 75% speed when your maximum speed suddenly drops.

Also take note that being webbed will trigger the same sort of effect. If you are trying to warp out and someone webs you without applying warp disruption, you might be able to enter warp much sooner than you normally would because your maximum speed suddenly drops. People commonly apply this to freighters to get them into warp very quickly.

Nanos improve your agility, and so improve your acceleration curve, but you’d have to be in a pretty specific band to need them for the MWD trick. You’d have to be just shy of reaching the required 75% speed without them.

Because ABs cycle slightly faster, I will first see if I can get away with using one of those, then move up to a MWD if the AB won’t work. The nanos may help if you have some velocity in a direction not in line with your warp target, though. Higher agility would equal a faster course correction.


Such ‘illegal fits’ can be quite useful.

As you can turn modules offline in space and online again (at the cost of capacitor), you can put an offline module in an utility high slots that you do not have the powergrid or CPU for to have it online. And when you need the module (for example a combat probe launcher or cyno) you can turn a couple other modules offline and turn this module online. This works well for utility items that you do not need all the time, but can be handy to have it just in case.


Have you heard pyfa ? And eft from old days?


In line with this I do the same as well with bomber fits. For example in a bomber you can squeeze more dps out of the missiles and still have the ability to bomb by offlining the bomb launcher to save on CPU, allowing better rigs, another ballistic control, etc. Since you don’t need torps while doing a bomb run you can offline a ballistic control or mid slot module to online the launcher when you want to go into bomb mode.

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