50MN MWD II has serious problems

Compared to Quad Lif Restrained MWD, which is a tech I module:

  • It costs 4,920,000 ISK more
  • It requires 20 GJ more to activate
  • It has the same capacitor penalty
  • It has only 5% bigger velocity bonus
  • It requires 15 MW more to fit
  • It has 50% bigger signature radius penalty
  • The rest of the attributes are the same

This does not look right at all.

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Products advertised as good are at best OK, news at 11
See also 5MN MWD II, Capacitor Flux Coil II, Shield Flux Coil II, Berserker SW-900
Are Defender missiles still useless or did they revamp those?


T2 modules are always more expensive by a large margin than T1 modules and harder to fit than T1 modules and by design give seemingly weak additional bonuses compared to T1 modules, which is all on purpose by the diminishing returns design principle.

If you don’t like the price, start building them and depress the prices to the level that you want to see.

Although it’s not about the price, you can never lower the price of T2 MWD to 20.000 ISK (invention + manufacturing costs + materials).

The problem is balance. Why would you invent and build it in the first place, when there is a better T1 variant? Players who are building stuff do not have the incentive to produce T2 MWDs. Players who are fitting ships do not have the incentive to use T2 instead of T1. That’s just bad game design.

For me, personally,… I’ll just fit Quad Lif and that’s it, but scale that decision to thousands in an MMO with player-run economy and see the consequences.

I would agree that the balance between those isn’t exactly great (not even counted in the price). However, reworking them is probably at a very very low priority for CCP.


A 5% velocity bonus is actually a big deal on some ships (kiters, interceptors, etc.) while fitting is harder, cost is higher, and other drawbacks are more severe, when you are specializing a ship for speed this does give you an option. Consider the cost of 5% implants is in the hundreds of millions and this actually is balanced. Eve fitting is all about trade offs, so if the T1 version does what you need that is awesome - but personally I find many of my fits need that extra speed and I am willing to deal with making the T2 version work.


Same thing with the 500 series, the quad lif is Meta 1 and the T2 is Meta 5, excuse me? Lol

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Ok. That would be understandable for a 5MN. Maybe… To some extent…

Well, CCP could have all this tiericide problem a lot easier if they would simply set fixed rules for each of the modificators (compact, restrained, enduring, prototype, scoped, T2, faction, deadspace a-type, deadspace b-type… officer low tier, officer high tier… etc…). Then they wouldn’t even need to manually adapt all the single items, but just have some subclasses of a single modules base values and all other meta items of that base item automatically get their values based on the subclass modificator.
This way it would be ensured, that the balance within one item class is always the same, be it an 1 MN Afterburner, an 50MN MWD, a Small Armor Repairer or an X-Large Shield Booster. Cross-Item you only had to balance out the base values of the different T1 items… (breaking news, thats how most item-centered games like Diablo, PoE etc. pp. do it for ages.)

This is the general pattern for the 5 and 500 MN as well.

Conventional wisdom amongst PvPers is to mostly stick to the meta modules, rarely bling the mod with faction/deadspace variant, and even more rarely use T2 MWD.


Exactly what Io said.

The idea of that entire “tiericide” exercise was, that we no long would have to live in shame, if we ever fitted a meta 2 or 3 module on our loss/killmail.

Now those are meta 1 and for once, most of them are very useful, everywhere available and no one will shame you for fitting them. If you can, collect as many as you can.

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I would never fit a t2 MWD on an interceptor over restrained. Signature is a far bigger deal than 75m/s


On a properly fitted ceptor the difference is much higher than 75m/s, especially if you take overheating on combat ceptors into account.

Let them stay ignorant

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