Raise the requirment fore T2 mwd or lower the requirment for t2 AB

Now I’m not really one for giving more to alphas so I don’t care what way this goes. It just bothers me the lack of consistency with this that an alpha pilot can get a T2 frigate MWD but not a T2 frigate AB. If anything you would think it would be the other way around.

nor can alpha get Fuel Conservation skill that is crucial on ABs. An obvious bias!

That does seem a bit odd…

Does it matter ? Cost wise, T2 5mn MWD is 3/4s the cost of a T1 cruiser where as an Enduring 5mn MWD is 40k. Compact 5mn is just being market controlled, not even worth it.

what the hell does the cost of a mod on a player run market have to do with the inconsistency in a leveling requirement?

Why would you train for something, wasting time and realize the cost isn’t worth it? T2 AB training may be minimal, but consider with the same thought process “fly what you can afford to loose” and why frigs/cruisers prefered over a BS.

You have a valid point, the requirements are out of whack. But the current cost of a T2 MWD or T2 AB frig prop even with the same skill requirements for the cost, players still will choose a cheaper mod drop.

The t2 ab is the harder train not the minimal train and again what does the current market prices have to do with over all skill balancing and constancy. Particularly when it cones to how it is conveyed to newer players.

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