Warp Scramblers work against microwarp drives?

Had a pretty basic question about microwarp drives and confirming if i get attacked and scram’d will it shut down mwd’s along with my normal warp?

Also in that situation is just better to have something like a 10mn afterburner instead?

Yes, a scram will shutdown a micro warpdrive and prevent warping.

A disruptor will not shutdown the MWD.

An after-burner will not be shut down by either a scram or a point.

Whether an AB or MWD is better is really fit and situation dependent.

If you are kiting, then the speed advantage of an MWD is one advantage. If brawling or controlling range in scram/web range, then an AB is often better.

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It’s in regards to my endurance and once i start getting into some riskier mining. If gankers drop in on me I’m guesing they’ll scram me right off the bat.

But if i had a 10nm afterburner i could probably get some good distance from them with an endurance.

Although I’ve been second guessing that logic because most of the endurance ore mining fits i’ve seen have MWD’s.

Best thing is to have a cloak fit and not be within 2500 m of anything. I assume you are mining in low, null or a WH and in which case, as soon as you see danger, cloak and move cloaked.

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Keep in mind if they have a web they will reduce your speed considerably or if several then almost entirely.

They will probably use MWD themselves thus they will be able to catch up with you if you are webbed (but that case most likely even if both of you have afterburners) and even more importantly with them having an MWD they will be able to keep up with you even if you have an AB.

Alternatively you can try fitting an oversized afterburner but that requires a lot of fitting so not even sure is possible and if it is will dunk your mining efficiency and tank too probably and also even with that there is no guarantee the attacker can’t keep up with you nor that they will not have a web too.

Hmmmm. That brings up another question i had. When you say 2500m of anything does that include a “warp in”? I’ve heard a few YT’ers reference warp in’s. If you warp to a location is there kind of an invisible runway or landing zone that ships come in on.

I know when i return to locations again and again like asteroid belts, it seems like it’s always the same spot.

He means within 2500 meters of anything that would stop you from cloaking. A cloaking device does not work if any object is within 2500 meters. They also do not work if anyone or anything has a target lock on you, whether you see can see it or not (because of a passive targeter). A bookmark does not prevent cloaking (since it is not an actual thing) and so you can be as close to it as you want without it causing you a problem.

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If you are staying at the warp in you are doing it wrong. You should always warp to a belt and move away from the warp in…any ship that comes to find you is going to land at the warp in point so you won’t be able to cloak if you are sitting there because they will be within 2500m of you.

When you go to a belt, best bet is to either head to one side of it, or bookmark a rock, warp out, and warp back near that rock. Never sit at the warp in point…that just makes it so any hunters can land right on top of you and catch you that much easier.

Yeah that’s what i’ve been doing as of last few days. I go to the largest ore rock away from me in the belt. But that was just a theory that everyone warped in at the same spot, thanks for the reply and now i know for sure.

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