X-Large Afterburner & Microwarpdrive

People often fit oversized Afterburners to frigate/cruiser sized ships. I propose X-Large version of Afterburners and Microwarpdrives. This would be size between large and capital size modules. This would give more fitting options for battleships.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

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oversized prop mods are annoying as f*ck

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I think its actually a really good idea. When you fit an oversized prop mod it costs tons of PG/CPU thus preventing too much tank or other utility, so its kinda self balancing. Something I would like to see in the game.

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I would personally hate the ■■■■ out of this if it ever got implemented. 100MN cruisers are annoying, 10mn frigates ditto. Putting capital ABs on battleships would be utterly horrible for gameplay.

Why ?

Putting a 100 MN AB on a cruiser gives you slightly less speed then putting 10 MN MWD on it. So it is not unbalancing speed wise. It exchanges more speed tank IF you aren’t webbed, for sig bloom. And using that speed tank requires actually better piloting to get full effect because your alignment times with that 100 MN increase so much you have to actually plan what your movements will be and how to execute them.

Putting and XL AB on a Battleship would be the same. Get a bit less speed then 100 MN MWD, but exchange the sig bloom which is irrelevant because you are hitting battleships anyways, for far more alignment time on an already slow aligning ships.

All this would do is give players some additional fitting choices, not imablance anything in the slightest. Fitting the XL AB would be extra drain on CPU / PG, using it gives gigantic penalties to align time on ships that already have sig radius so big that additional sig bloom generated from MWD is completely irrelevant.

And if that freaks you out, then how do you feel about frigs using 10 MN ABs and moving at around 4k ?


I already said how I feel about 10mn frigates and 100mn cruisers. Their advantages and disadvantages are well known, so I think it sufficient to simply say “I feel their advantage/disadvantage profile is detrimental to gameplay”.

I will feel the same about 1000mn battleships. Especially a ■■■■■■■ nightmare with an oversized prop mod.

I don’t think you could fit enough tracking enhancers or computers to be able to actually hit anything when running a 1000MN Nightmare.

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Depends on the direction you’re traveling. Burn away from ■■■■ and you’ll literally be kiting cruisers. True to any similar kiting range, you can simply warp off rather than be kited. But good luck tackling any of them.

True. I guess if you want to fly away in a straight line that could work… for a while, anyway.

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Besides, nobody said you have to run your prop 100%. I’d argue that a NM would cap itself out quickly.

But burning away when you get charged and then plink away the rest of the time would probably work well.

With that kind of speed that nightmare won’t be able to hit anything either, and it will take longer then an Orca to align and get out. Nightmare would be the exception hull, not the norm.

Incidentally, since you mentioned a nightmare, just put a single faction web on a single 10MN AB fit Succubus (same line of ships as the Nightmare) and bring 2-3 buddies for some mediocre deeps in just about and deeps dedicated frig, even T1s, and watch the results.

Hence Balanced.

O and since its the nightmare, go ahead and see what happens to your cap while running all those large lasers with an XL AB turned on and how that will work out …

Again, balanced.


In what world do you run a faction battleship comp without proper support? Huginns would ensure that succubus got deleted in no time.

My only thought is that we’ve really seen a lot of power creep with respect to speed of late. Abyssmal mutated propulsion modules certainly hasn’t helped. When you need a scram + dual web just to apply some damage…

I see nothing wrong with this scenario. For far too long this have been completely imbalanced and out of whack. Especially when it comes to your average PvE combat fit vs a PvP fit. PvP fits just flat out completely destroy all-around or PvE combat fits (even those fit for omni tank). An oversized prop mod would be a small step in a very, very much needed direction. Much more needs to be done in this regard to help close that gap.

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Yes, please let me have an oversized XL MWD on my bump Machariel…

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Side note: I don’t think you could follow what you bumped if you hit it.

Well now I’m curious…

Time to see what math will tell me… Back after a while.

Ok… so… uh… after figuring out I could probably push the Mach over 2500 without really trying and knowing that the trust was calculated with a slightly oversized but still logical module multiplying that by 10 would mean the Mach would reach 25k with a mass equal to an Obelisk easily.

Charon would need to be broken back out for it’s speeding ticket and laughed at how slow it would be going.


I think that this is a good idea. +1

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