Newb question about MWD use

Hello guys,

As a returning player, ex station-trader around 2010 / 2012 I now wanted try to PVP and I did with FW content. So I started looking at / experimenting with PVP fitting and tactics, and one I obviously tried is the classical brawler frigate with MWD.

My question is about the use of the MWD : as I understand, you turn it on to close on your target, then turn it off when in range and start to fire. I try to do that, but usually, with the speed acquired from even one cycle of MWD my brawler goes way past my target. Let’s say I order to orbit at 1000m (or keep-at-range 1000m), my brawler goes way past to target to 4000m, then I have to close 3000m at normal speed.

Is there any trick or tactic to properly close range and land more or less in your optimal when using MWD ? If you can point me to any ressources that would be great.

Thanks a lot guys.


You should not use those for direct ship vs ship combat. Ideally, you manage your distances manually. Anything else would mean the end of your ship against an experienced pilot.
I realize that this needs a lot of practice, unfortunately our training grounds are closed for the time being :frowning:
Maybe you can practice with an alliance or corp-mate? That way, you can tell each other not to blow yourselves up, but rather stop whenever it is clear, how this is going to go.

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Don’t disable your MWD until second approach to the target is complete if you are lazy mode (first to get scram/web, second to get in range of fighting if you are not yet scrammed by then). To get in optimal range with just one cycle is hard and needs a lot of training/knowledge. Also your align time, initial positioning and lock times are important variables. The slower your align time the harder it is to dictate the fighting range, if you are not starting the fight at 0. Also overheating your MWD for one cycle makes it “spool up” much faster.

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you can stop your ship to not overshoot (default hotkey is someting+space iirc) even if the mwd/ab is on or has not finished its cycle. in the long run you should practice manualpiloting, often its far better than the navigation commands. you can fly where your target will be instead of slacking behind, can fly at an angle or parallel, etc.

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Alright I see, if I get you guys well it means that I should not use the nav commands and instead fly manually to try to get the other ship by, sort of, “predicting” where it will be.

I kind of tried the trick to “stop the ship” when approaching, but evaluating the inertia is quite difficult for now.

I guess the only way is to get practice so I will go at it again and again :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge guys

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Just an unpopular sidenote, but we all ran into the same problems and need to find a way around, with, below or through them.
You can train inertia by warping to a NPC station at range, say 20-70 km, whatever works best for you and turn your mwd on and your ‘goal’ is, not to let the station bump you too far off the station again.
Since you won’t be shooting anything, there won’t repercussion for doing so.

Just don’t do it in Jita.


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