Want to invite a friend to a practice fight

so me and my friend are going to faction war next week. we want to have a friendly battle in frigates before we go. is there any good places for these kinds of duels? (around Amarr and minmatar boarder) also, I have never done any PVP so tips for solo duel? I will be flying punisher, he will be using rifter. Thanks.

right click on him > “invite to duel”
can do it anywhere

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As @Xuxe_Xu said, meet up in a system near a planet. Right click his name, invite to duel.

He accepts.

You two can fight each other

Make sure that he didn’t toggle it in settings where it automatically declines a duel, otherwise you couldn’t duel.

you could also choose to try this in low sec.

ok thanks I get it.

any suggested fit for the punisher I will use?

and maybe under the budget of 1.5M? not including ship.

EVE PVP is rock, paper, scissors and that means PvP fits aren’t really about maximizing DPS and tank but about countering the opponent’s tactics.

So how you want to fit is affected by what ship he flies, what tactics he intends to use and thus how he’s fitted.

Beyond that there’s the doubleweb beam laser 400mm plate fit but honestly, while it’s powerful it’s also a bit gimmicky and you won’t learn much. You’ll learn more, and possibly get better fights, if you use the Executioner.

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Fits are not easy, as it depends on your opponent.

If he is long range kiting, you want to get up close under his guns
If he is close range brawling, you want to stay at range.
This to maximize your effectiveness while downplaying his strengths.

Generally, when doing 1 vs 1:

Have guns (obviously)
Have a point (warp disruptor = longer range but doesn’t turn off MWD / warp scrambler= shorter range but does turn off MWD)
maybe have a web if you want to slow down a faster ship if needed.
And some form of tank to take damage longer then his can

so he is flying a rifter to brawl, with mostly shield and some armour tank. I like doing ranged kiting. I am thinking if this is a good fit.

Heat Sink I
Heat Sink I
Small Armor Repairer I

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive

Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I
Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I
Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I
Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I

Multifrequency S x4

because we had some ground rules like keeping budget under 2M, no tech II modules and stuff.

in what area is the executioner better than punisher? I know its faster but it also have less tank and stuff right? I feel like the more guns/DPS the better.

It has a third midslot and more speed, meaning it can do range control without being a gimmick fit. Range control is vital.

The Punisher’s play style, with that gimmick fit, is “sit still and hope people are dumb enough to attack you” which people don’t really do as people know about that gimmick fit. So they either avoid you or they blob you. Without that gimmick fit the ship is crap. What that means in total is that if you fly a ship that is known to be strong or have a special gimmick people will either avoid you or blob you. If you fly a ship that’s NOT known for being amazing you will get far more fights, easier fights, fights you can win.

As said earlier winning is not really about dps and tank, it’s about being able to control the fight and forcing the other into a situation that benefits YOU. The punisher can’t really do that, doesn’t mean it can’t win fights but it’s just fairly limited and as said you will learn less.

Best you can do is to check youtube for the “eve is easy” channel and then watch some Executioner videos, that will get you some basic knowledge.

Put REALLY simple the following applies:

Each weapon system, ship and fit have a dps number and a range at where they can do that dps and of course tracking but we’ll leave that out for now.

Some ships can do TONS of dps but have very little range, some ships have less raw dps but have more range. And THEN it all depends on what your opponent is flying and fitting which thus affects HOW you’ll be fighting. If you have a high dps short range fit you WANT to be really close up to your target, if you have a lower dps higher range fit and the opponent seems to not be able to match your dps at those ranges you WANT to be further away from your target.

Here are two ships, one Executioner with long range ammo, one Incursus with short range weapons and Void loaded. The incursus does WAY more dps but since it’s using a cap booster so it can’t fit a web and it’s slower to begin with it doesn’t get to choose at which ranges the fight will happen.

In this fight the Executioner gets to choose what range the fight will be at, so who wins depends on what range the Executioner chooses to be at and if he’s smart he chooses to be at 4-9km range where it does WAY more dps than its opponent. Raw dps of the Incursus is meaningless here as it doesn’t get to apply it.

The Punisher gimmick fit is that it uses beam lasers so it doesn’t have range issues and uses double webs so it doesn’t have tracking issues, combined with a silly amount of tank. Yes it’s really good IF people fall for it but it’s a very very limited play style that doesn’t teach you much.

Here’s a variation of the Gimmick fit:

[Punisher, Punisher Double Web]

Damage Control II
Heat Sink II
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Multispectrum Coating II
Multispectrum Coating II

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I

It’s powerful if people fall for it, but it’s also ■■■■■■■■ because most people won’t. Double web fits like that CAN work if people don’t expect you to use it, remember winning fights is about countering the opponent, so if they think you’re long range/kitey and thus they get short range with you but you’re actually FIT for short range then you can catch them out. Double web tier 3 BC can do this (Naga, Tornado, Talos) and hilarious stuff like super tanky double web Quad Omen.

okay, guess I try some different fits then. since its just for a practice, its probably fine if I loose. I am kind of good at this trickery thing so I guess I will not die instantly. as my friend roughly have the same experience as me.

I hope not. Shield OR armour. There should never be an AND between those

well since I have superior firepower, guess I will win.

oh one more question: if solo PVP, tormenter and punisher, which is easier to use for the kiting tactic?

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