Countermeasures for

Warp Core Stabilizers do work but at the cost of reducing your targeting range and speed by 50%.

Plus they take up a precious low-power slot that could be used for anything from speed, tank, or weapon enhancement.

I should also note that, with very few exceptions, NPCs use Warp Disruptors rather than Warp Scramblers.

Disruptors will simply prevent you from warping out. But you can still use Microwarpdrives and Afterburners to get out of range.

Scramblers will “jam” Microwarpdrives in addition to preventing warp.

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Switch to Algos instead of catalyst, get highest possible drone skills you can, including their control range, tracking, etc. This is very important.

ECM and damps from NPCs have relatively short range. You cna orbit further and target the ships that use the damps and ECM on you, have your drones take them out from range. Ste the drones to focus fire and agressive. If you get hit with a damp/ecm and lose targets, your drones will still continue on their own as long as they are in control range. Only thing you have to worry about and manage is drone agro and you need to seriously manage that.

If you do stay in a catalyst, make a railgun sniping fit. Use tungsten ammo and meta 4 railguns if you don’t have T2 guns. The DPS is low but its perfectly doable to kite these. Switch to anti-matter ammo once you eliminate the mobs that dampen/ecm you.

Tip: you really need to learn to use transversals for this sort of stuff. Back in my day I used to run L3 missions in catalysts before I could train up my cruisers.

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Train Sensor Compensation skills (for minmatar it’s Ladar Sensor Compensation, if you’re flying minmatar).

Use sensor booster with ECCM script to counter ECM.

Use tracking computer (with scripts) to counter sensor dampeners.

Always focus on killing ewar ships first.

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Little gems like this make trudging through all the shite worthwhile. Thanks Memphis!

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