Question about sensor damp

Hello and thanks in advance for the help.

I tackle the target and hit’em with a sensor damp (scan res script) causing them to take longer to be able to lock me. Heres my question , once they lock me does my sensor damp keep cycling and breaking their lock on me? How does it work?

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Sensor dampeners aren’t ECM, so no, they won’t break a lock, unless you get outside of their lock range. If you want to break their lock directly, you’ll need some kind of indirect ECM option, like ECM drones or an ECM burst, or use direct ECM modules with an additional ship (alt/friend).

so once they lock me thats it for my damp?

Yes, but you can do something like switch scripts to lock range, which would make it much easier to break their lock by moving out of range, and then switch back to scan resolution scripts to make it take much longer to lock you again. But if you’re fighting up close, it’s pointless to do this anyway.

What’s the strategy you’re trying to go for?

I didn’t think of this. That sounds horrifyingly annoying. Although, wouldn’t you just keep the range script if they were out of range at that range?

Another horrifying thing I can think of is lock speed damps plus ECM drones. The Maulus gets four drones, and you can put blasters on it. Four brawling Magnates should be able to easily subdue any cruiser.

There are slightly different perspectives if you are flying as part of a fleet - putting resolution damps on logistics for example slows their ability to acquire and help their fleet mates. If their logistics is away from damage dealers then range suppression can hurt them. It’s situational. Resolution damps slow an enemy fleet in changing targets.

However, as a solo attacker I’d land on grid and hit them as hard and fast with resolution damps to stop them locking me up. I don’t know their range at this point and I am going to fight at longer range - I need the time before he gets a web/scram on me.
Implication: I need to lock him very quickly to do this, A sensor booster of some sort helps.

One he does lock me - and damps at good skill can make this a miserable experience - then resolution is pointless, flip to range suppression and thump him to break his lock. I should be able to break hist lock if I’ve pulled range adequately. If I break his lock, then good. If not, I’ve now got a problem.

Of course, things do depends on what you are flying and defending against. If you are flying a drone boat then he’ll attack your drones. Resolution suppression will protect drones close to him more than range suppression will.

Summary: What you use to help you hurt your opponent is situational. Damps, and other e-war are not magic win modules, but applied appropriately they can make life unpleasant for an opponent. Good skills help, but experience is invaluable.



Going from scan res script → target range script is kind of a one-annoying-trick pony you only can do once in a fight – that is, I’m thinking of a 1v1 cruiser-or-below fight, so take all this with that grain of salt in mind.

The 10s cycle time of the sensor dampener means it is really hard to time it well when swapping back to the scan resolution script. Either they’re already re-locking you while you’re waiting on the sensor damp’s red-cycle because they closed the gap again, or you end your range-damp cycle prematurely and they begin relocking you in their newfound “expanded” (aka normal) targeting range while you swap scripts back to scan resolution. Both these situations are no bueno.

But as already mentioned by others, there’s other scenarios for these scripts in small gang / group play.

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