Sensor Damps and Target

(Agent 5B) #1

OK I was in a career agent mission and 7 ships were damping me causing my targeting range to be reduced to 2.7 km.

So how does the stacking penalty apply to damps, it it only relevant for more than one module fitted to the same ship ? and is this the same with other mods like tracking disrupts and target painters ?

(Cristl) #2

Npc ewar and player ewar don’t use the same mechanics a lot of the time.

(QuakeGod) #3

Situations like this is where flying a drone boat comes in handy. Drones aren’t subject to ECM/Damping. Just set them to aggressive and focus fire and they will automatically attack whatever is attacking you, no matter how bad you are jammed…

(Agent 5B) #4

I think you will find that although ECM is regarded as an agressive module by things that will automatically attack, damps are not. Drones are also affected by proximity so if say an enemy drone is attacking you your drones will attack that drone rather than the ship that is jamming you that is further away. This soon becomes a fairly important issue and it is irritating when it no longer follows any logic that is documented anywhere.

(system) #5

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