Stacking Penalty

Hi if you use more than one web on a target do they all have full effect without stacking penalty ?
Also Sensor Damps it mentions that they receive a stacking penalty affecting the same attribute but does that apply to more than one ship damping the same target ?

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I know webs have a stacking penalty, so if you have 2 webs that each slow down by 50%, I believe that your target will then be slowed down to 75%.

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1st mod: 100.0% effectiveness
2nd mod: ~86.9% effectiveness
3rd mod: ~57.1% effectiveness
4th mod: ~28.3% effectiveness
5th mod: ~10.6% effectiveness
6th mod: ~3.0% effectiveness

afaik yes, otherwise everyone could just fit one target painter and make a frigate the size of a large star


No stacking penalty is mentioned in the description of a web however in a sensor damp and target painter it is mentioned

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Even though it is not mentioned in the text, it is there (and yes, I am about 99.978% sure of this regarding webs :slight_smile: ) .

A good rule of thumb is to assume that stacking penalties apply for pretty much any and all stats that can be buffed with rigs and modules.

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So using 5 web drones at 5% each is only actually going to reduce velocity by about 15%

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Probably less than that.

Here is another thread where things led to a similar question.

Edit: To answer your most likely next question; yes, everyone is aware of how useless webbing drones are. To be honest, i don’t think the DEVs see a good answer for addressing this and neither do I without creating a lot more spaghetti code… which may or may not break other, unrelated, things because programming languages are fickle like that.

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His math is wrong though The first one applies 5% the second one 4.35% the third 2.5% forth 1 % But yes that will all shift down a peg if your ship uses a web module on him too.

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Get a Vindi then it’s all academic anyway :spider_web: :spider_web:

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A shiny ship solves everything, I’ve never had a vindicator but I’ve seen them die quite a few times

Pilot error.

Yeah getting in a Vindi was the first one

That’s pretty funny, thanks for the education. Your killboard really backs up your in depth knowledge of Vindicator use :wink:

Ah well check my corp everyone in my corp is in fact me.

I can fly a vindi I just don’t because they are too many eggs in one basket and not that useful in tunnel warfare

So your indepth knowledge of Vindi use could be called lacking perhaps? I mean I was really only making a passing comment about Vindis with relation to web stacking penalty. I wasn’t suggesting you don’t PvP. With 2 webs slowing a micro-warping frigate to the point you can hit it with battleship guns I think it’s fairly obvious why I made the link with your question about stacking penalties :blush:

Of course not. But the correct shiny ship can solve most things. Sorry for tickling your neckbeard.

Of course it isn’t I am the alpha forum alt of all knowledge. However the lacking indepth does tell you something about the frequency in which they are used if ever and that infrequency multiplied by how often a 1 v 1 battleship fight happens. Are we talking about a compact gang with specific and economical stuff or just a huge blob of ships that has everything it it could possibly need for all situations because the later isn’t really a indepth knowledge either.

You should try one :slight_smile: just for sh*ts and giggles one day.

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