Abyssal webs too strong

With any Serpentis ship it’s possible now to have 100% stasis velocity reduction. Pls nerf?


We welcome our new RNG overlords.

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60% web 10% max bonus up to 66% web multiply by 1.5 serpentis bonus and you end up with 99%


just need 2% more and we can start sending people backwards FeelsGoodMan


That’s all well and good. But I think this is much ado about nothing. Let’s face it, the difference between being webbed at 10 mps and 1 mps is exceedingly trivial.

Now, it’d be another thing entirely if there were a set of webs which dropped your mass/inertia so they didn’t just slow you down - they’d make you stop on a dime. Which would be all sorts of awesome and broken.


CCP made it very clear that great rolls will be very rare, but even if you rolled the perfect Stasis webifier and put it onto a Daredevil, Vigilant or Vindicator, the kind of situations in which 90% vs 99% webs make a huge difference are rare. Only if you were able to slow down any of these ships below 10% of your speed could you effectively outrun the 90% webs right now. Yes, neutralizers, ecm, and so on - but they’ll continue to exist as options anyway.


played with these. even if you get an amazing roll in one attribute you get hit so hard in fitting you’re lucky to get it on a ship.

so much screaming and moaning when the mods are just now hitting SiSi.

Rolling and rolling still haven’t gotten this God web i mean SS webs are already at 70% so if 66 gets you 99% we are past that


Also imagine how much a perfectly rolled web would cost, now you want to fit that on a daredevil? xD maybe a Vindi.

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I didn’t get a single good roll clearly must farm more mucoplastics

Show me a killmail where any web killed anything… ever.

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Anyone trying to burn back to gate but failed? The list is rather long.

by this logic, guns don’t kill people.
you suck at this.

btw for those people who think 90% and 99% webs don’t make a difference, a ship with an overheated mwd that goes 5000m/s will go 500m/s with a 90% web, and only 50m/s with a 99% web. One can outrun some afterburner fits and one can’t even outrun a no prop cruiser.


That’s stupid logic and you worded the sentence specifically to ignore valid counterpoints. Most of my Vindi kills would have gotten away had I not been able to web them to like 5% speed. Webs are actually one of the most decisive modules in the game and to pretend they aren’t shows your lack knowledge. If it was a joke, it was poor and same result.


Faction webs already go well over 66% so what’s breaking exactly?

And when people fit 2 web’s xD? very common for the hecate, does it all of a sudden break the game? no it doesn’t.

a hecate with two 60% webs can web for 60%+ 20.88%(40%*60%*87%) =80.88% velocity reduction
a daredevil with one 66% web can web for 99% velocity reduction

a ship that goes 5000m/s will go 956 m/s if a hecate dual webs
a ship that goes 5000m/s will go 50m/s if a dram webs with a single abyssal velocity reduction maxroll


all webs currently cap out at 60%, faction only increases range not strength.


Those are 2 different ship’s thou a daredevil with 2x 90% webs will web for 99% and a hecate with a fully modified web will web for the same as 2 normal webs. So the modification opens up 1 more mid slot to use basically.

Which is hell of a strong yes lol but they will be nerfed don’t worry. This is only testing phase.

60% is the strongest web on TQ before ship bonuses, and the 60% webs can get up to 90% with serpentis bonuses.

that said we used to have 99% webs on a few ships back when all webs were 90%, the paladin and kronos both had a 2% per level web bonus getting them up to 99%