Abyssal Stasis Web -61.9% velocity, 15.53km range

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Abyssal Stasis Web -61.9% velocity, 15.53km range located in Jita
email/reply here your offers

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not much better than a faction web seems… the other sale on here was asking 10 bill. … lmao. I went to jita and got some mutaplasmids myself. :slight_smile: would love to get a boosted deadspace or faction mod now eh!!! how much are you asking or expecting this to get?

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I’m being somewhat realistic. A faction web increases 5% for 70mil however it is not possible to get above 60% without using a mutaplasmid. So interested in others thoughts do you have a roll a high % for these to be of interest to anyone? I paid 2.2b for the muta so the fact I didn’t brick it completely I’d be looking for 3

(Nolak Ataru) #5

Was this built on a faction or officer web?

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faction, federation

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unstable mutaplasmid prices are down to like 600m now, good luck

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So I see, interesting project though. It can live on my vindi :slight_smile:

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