WTS Abyssal Officer web

Asking price is 10b!

Man, that’s a pretty good fed web roll not gonna lie. but that PG use :frowning_face:

Yeah, but its still good man :wink:

But not 35b good lol ,

Noone is forcing you to buy it :wink:

Feel free to make an offer if you think I’m asking too much.

And if its just to comment, please take it elsewhere :slight_smile:

Hello Chori

Nice to see ur offloading the web that was “stolen” from you.

Since u seem new to the abyssal market and this is about as good as another web on contracts for 2b, ill offer you 3b

Can you show the one available on contracts for 2b?

To the top!

I mean, there’s a faction one with basically the same stats minus 500m range but without the 1700 PG requirement and lower activation for only 5b

it also has 65.26% web strength compared to my 65.77 which is a big difference.

If you want that web you’re free to buy it, I am not forcing you to do anything :slight_smile:

Also please give offers instead of complaints, thats what this forum is for :wink:

So not “2b” but “5b”, with much lower velocity reduction (yes, 0.5% makes the difference to the price) and shorter range.

Not giving complaints, just telling people what similar modules sell for :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did i mention 2b?

In the place where you commented on my question and started sentence with “I mean”? :wink:
Also you are either new to the webs market or have different meaning of word “similar” :slight_smile:

I may be new, and that’s why I’m not saying the web isn’t worth 30b. I’m just stating there’s plenty of webs with almost the same stats on the market for much cheaper :slight_smile:


This web is pretty much bricked. You took a web that only fits on very specific ships because of the PG restrictions and is used for very specific meta purposes and in 100% of those instances, range matters. Not the velocity %

You will be lucky to get a couple B out of it, and if someone offers you 3b take it.

3b offer still stands

Straight to the top

Stil for sale :slight_smile:

Stil here!