WTS Abyssal Mizuro's w/ + 1 range

(trickytrix Rin) #1


Not as good as the other Mizuro’s on here, but has +1 km, willing to let it go for 9.5B minimum. (at cost) Any offers?

I have a bunch of excellent rolls on FN/SS webs with unstables too, him me up if you want more details.

(trickytrix Rin) #2

Still have this. In Jita 4-4 hangar.

(trickytrix Rin) #3

Still got it. If you think it’s too much pm me an offer.

(howling wind) #4

Can you mail your high strength roll Fed Navy webs to me? I might be interested in a couple but I won’t be around for a few more hours.

(trickytrix Rin) #5

sure, I’m busy atm but I’ll send you a list of the best within an hour or two

(trickytrix Rin) #6

Still have this, anyone take at 8.5b?

(Yozo Ellec0n) #7

I might be interested in some of your other webs. Hmu

(jarack) #8

(Ikena Togenada) #9

can you mail me your mutated faction webs?

(trickytrix Rin) #10

Faction webs went quickly, If i get any more officer quality ones I’ll post, Still have the Mizuros though

(trickytrix Rin) #11

still have this , up on contract starting 7.5 b

(system) #12

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