[WTS] OFFICER WEB with fantastic Abyssal roll

(Serenity Fireslayer) #1

I bought a Mizuro officer web for 10.5 billion isk and rolled it because I got ballz of steel.

Location Jita, I am looking for 16 Billion isk, a little negotiable. edit …price reduced


(Serenity Fireslayer) #2

still for sale, lf offers too

(Serenity Fireslayer) #3

boop bip bop bump

(Serenity Fireslayer) #4

er anyone?

(Serenity Fireslayer) #5

still for sale now just 17b need it sold

(Not 4 Sale) #6


(Serenity Fireslayer) #7

sorry man its a 9b isk module as base with a risky as heck roll…

I will do 16 maybe at lowest but no way 5 lol

(Serenity Fireslayer) #8

still for sale, reply here or mail me

(Serenity Fireslayer) #10

price is now 16b need it sold.

(system) #11

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